Shootmania Storm

  • Machetazo 23 May 2012 14:26:13 6,372 posts
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    Stay watching until the end, for a feature list in the closing seconds. This trailer's a nice catch, by vg247.

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  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 23 May 2012 14:34:32 47,491 posts
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    Oh so this does exist then? I still haven't played the new Trackmania :(
  • Machetazo 2 Jun 2012 03:31:20 6,372 posts
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    Tourney stream. Final of the contest to be held at Ubisoft's E3 booth. On-demand version of the determining bracket rounds is available for viewing at leisure, through the link now. :)

    I think it's a very viable, fast-paced competitive game. It's in an Alpha state, but once the games have proceeded, and gotten going, it's been a delight to watch. The maps are very large, and open. There's numerous routes that can be taken to get around in them.

    The gamestyle chosen was an objective tag. 6 players, 3 per side. Alternating 1 attacker vs the other 3 opponents, as defenders. The 3 aim to protect the target pole from being captured. They each have a rocket launcher that fires four rockets per shot. The single player, the attacker has a rail gun. The attacker's armour bar is three bars, total. Defenders one each (a hit will cost a bar of armor, every time. 0 armour=done). Eliminating the competition can achieve the victory.
    The attacker can end the round the winner, for the point to their team, by tagging the capture point (1 sec hold).

    However, the capture point, has a countdown after the start of the round, leading to a 15 second window the only time when the cp activates and the lone wolf is permitted to try for that point! Which adds a super, almost strategical layer to the play! It's a point scored by the defense, should the capture attempt be thwarted.
    Try to find some footage of Shootmania Storm being played if you can, or even head to the official site and put your name in the proverbial hat for beta access. :)

    A fun quirk, that's probably worth mentioning around the movement, is that jump, and sprint functions are both bound to the same button. Not one without the other, and that contributes towards keeping the pace of matches up. When sprinting, a rapidly draining meter will deplete and then refill. It's noticably faster than base travel speed, but has to really be used tactically for best effect.

    True to pedigree, the final game will also be released with a suite of map-building tools, to let players construct what they will.

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  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 5 Jul 2012 17:18:26 47,491 posts
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    I'm in the beta! Woo. If you applied check your email.

  • L0cky 12 Jul 2012 19:49:03 2,001 posts
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    Didn't get any reply. Though now you can preorder and get instant access to the beta, however the website says Sorry, this product cannot be bought from your current location.

  • L0cky 12 Jul 2012 19:51:05 2,001 posts
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    Nevermind, could be that I followed a link to the US store (they really should redirect).

    12.79, quite tempted.

    Better question would be, DDevil, is it any good?

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  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 12 Jul 2012 20:17:24 47,491 posts
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    It's... OK I guess. Something feels a little off in the movement to me. They've clearly gone for a Quake/Unreal Tournament feel to the movement but it feels a little too floaty and wispy. Plus even though it only takes two hits to kill the guns lack impact.

    I guess the true test will be the levels people make, but the ones I've played so far are pretty flat and a lot feature stupid bottlenecks. It's more fun than I'm making it sound though :)
  • L0cky 12 Jul 2012 23:30:22 2,001 posts
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    Lot of help you are :p

    Think I'll wait and see if I get accepted in the beta first then; though they may have stopped doing that now they're giving it away with preorders.
  • L0cky 17 Jul 2012 13:41:28 2,001 posts
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    Finally got on the beta, played it for two nights.

    Overall I like it; but I'm unsure if I could play it long term.

    On the upside the maps work a lot better than I thought they would. Other games that require a lot more effort to make maps had a 999/1 ratio of crap to good so I thought this would be even worse with it's simplified map editor. It turns out I didn't play a truly bad map; and I played a lot of really good ones too.

    It seems like it's relatively easy to make new game types too, and I enjoyed a surprisingly good remake of DE_Dust with it's plant the bomb and elimination rules that changed the feel and pace of the game. I also saw servers for instagib, jailbreak, king of the hill and more but haven't had a chance to try them yet.

    The biggest downsides are the movement and the weapons - at least one of them. I didn't get a chance to play with the rail.

    The rockets have no splash damage. It makes sense as your player doesn't have health/energy, rather you can take 2 hits and then you're dead. This means that splash damage would be too cheap.

    However, this means you can't use rockets defensively, or at least get some residual damage. The main problem is that you can only make decisive shots against opponents in mid air. While this is always cool (as it is in other games) the opportunity doesn't happen that often. 95% of the time everyone is strafing randomly left and right so whether you make a hit is completely down to blind luck.

    Movement is extremely limited. All the good fast paced competitive FPS games in this vein have always allowed you some freedom of movement. In Quake you have the strafe/circle/clip jumps, along with weapon jumps. In UT you have dodging, wall dodging, double jumps and hammer/shield jumps; and in Tribes you have the ski/boost mechanic.

    In ShootMania you have a short lived sprint, which is annoyingly tied to jumping, and doesn't really do much for you. All you can do is run around with a floaty, low jump. Frequently I found steps and platforms that were difficult to get onto, and others that seemed low but were impossible to get on. In all, your freedom of movement feels extremely limited.

    The UI also feels a bit flimsy. It's sufficient for TrackMania but here it's a bit more important. Spectators and people who have quit are still shown on the scoreboard, which often results in imbalanced teams. There's lots of numbers without any clear label on what they mean (score, rank, ping, what?).

    I had to dial the graphics back, even on a modern machine. On maximum I had 80 fps+ which should be fine, but there is some serious overdraw on the rocket particles just as you shoot them, causing sudden frame drops. This can probably be tweaked separately.

    There's a buddy system but no way to add buddies in a match; you have to use the 'ManiaPlanet' platform after quitting the game, and as there's no way to see your match history or their players you have to remember the exact name of other players to type them in manually. If there were any strange characters or you can't quite remember then you're screwed.

    The community seems friendly; other players were generally courteous and helpful, as they are in TrackMania. Someone bothered to explain the capture rules to a bunch of us who were new.

    The network code also seemed fine for me.

    tldr: Overall, they could have a cracking game but if they don't dramatically change the basics: the movement and weapons, then I doubt I will still be playing this in a few weeks.
  • Deleted user 11 April 2013 10:03:18
    Review up on the front page, sounds promising!
  • Deleted user 13 April 2013 17:47:28
    This really needs more love. A great throwback to the golden age of shooters.
  • RobTheBuilder 13 Apr 2013 18:01:02 6,976 posts
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    I spent a couple of hours on the beta but found the shooting to be really irritating. Slow limited use firing that didn't really feel right.

    I'm sure it would grow on me, but it didn't have the fun appeal that Trackmania does for me.

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  • urban 13 Apr 2013 19:37:39 13,009 posts
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    Anyone else got comments on this? I should really install trackmania 2 (ssd failed recent) superb game.

    Review gave me high hopes but it needs support and it doesn't look like anyone here is actually playing it!
  • RobTheBuilder 13 Apr 2013 19:59:52 6,976 posts
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    @urban well worth it to check!
  • altras 16 Apr 2013 10:58:28 8 posts
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    Aaand it's out. The beta is over - you can only play 2 modes of the game.

    I should rate the game more something like strategic slow-paced Quake. It's a fresh breath compared to the overflowed FPS genre (bf4,cod etc.)
  • Deleted user 16 April 2013 10:59:44
    There are more than 2 modes. You just have to use the in-game server browser rather than the big boxes.
  • L0cky 16 Apr 2013 12:14:28 2,001 posts
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    Might give this another look, I got bored of the beta pretty quickly :/

    Has it improved a lot since the start of the beta?
  • Deleted user 25 April 2013 09:46:22
    Well this flopped hard :/
  • Tomo 25 Apr 2013 10:44:24 15,825 posts
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    I want to give this a go, but much like Tribes Ascend I don't really have the time to invest in getting good at these games anymore.

    They both appeal greatly to me and remind me of Quake 2 back in my heyday, but I think those days are behind me :(. At least until I retire and I can feasibly spend 25 hours per weekend playing.
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