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  • MadCaddy13 3 Apr 2013 21:14:51 2,836 posts
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    Where's deckard gone?

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  • King_Edward 3 Apr 2013 21:31:35 11,470 posts
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    Syrette wrote:
    King_Edward wrote:
    Quite glad SW 1313 is gone though. Waste of time and money.
    Have you played it? Assuming you have to come to such a conclusion.
    Obviously not, but I don't think I need to play it to say it wasn't going to set the charts on fire. If lightsabers and Darth Vader couldn't do it for TFU, what chance has Space Uncharted from the makers of Fracture got?

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  • Deleted user 3 April 2013 21:40:48
    I thought everyone knew? King_Edward is a precog.
  • King_Edward 3 Apr 2013 21:48:59 11,470 posts
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    Potato's don't operate in the same linear constraints of time that humans do. We see and know all that was and all that will be.
  • speedofthepuma 3 Apr 2013 22:16:44 13,418 posts
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    You're all ears.
  • neilka 3 Apr 2013 22:19:18 21,208 posts
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  • YenRug 8 Oct 2013 20:09:10 4,529 posts
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    This one seems to have snuck under the radar a bit:

    Lucasfilm will combine video games and movies to axe post-production process
    Customise movies while watching
    By Lee Bell
    Fri Sep 20 2013, 14:59

    OVER THE NEXT DECADE video game engines will be used in film-making, with the two disciplines combining to eliminate the movie post-production process.


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  • Dr-Strangelove 9 Oct 2013 12:00:28 2,225 posts
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    Woah, pretty impressive stuff.

    Be interesting to see those vids at a higher res to see just how good they are right now, but once the tech gets upto speed I can see them mixing the process to seamless effect.
  • Ron_Justice 9 Oct 2013 12:20:51 3,105 posts
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    Fook me! Amazing stuff. Kinda lost for words TBH. The implications for creation could be massive. Lets just hope George doesn't get the itch again and do another 'Original Trilogy' edit.
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