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    @Ultrasoundwave sorry to be one of those people, but your last post will probably get more response here - http://www.eurogamer.net/forum/thread/136636?start=16590
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    man , really hope they sort out the online pens, twice in two races, just minding my own buisness, t boned, taken out, recieve the pen. I
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    Wasn't sure whether this should have been put into a new topic, but decided to post it here. New 'Champions Mode' trailer released :)

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    Ok, here we go...

    Firstly, massive, massive thanks to all at Codemasters for inviting us to be among the first of the great unwashed to play F1 2012 and for making the day so enjoyable. Ian, especially - huge thanks for acting as guide for the evening drinks.

    Right down to business, so many things to get through so i think what i'll do is whistle through the points i'd jotted down prior to the visit and then sum up anything else below that.

    Rear stability at speed - Gone is the wishy-washy floating rear of '11. at speed the rear is very stable and on new rubber T10 at the Hungaroring was easily (and scarily) flat. In fact it took a while to get the confidence to believe the car would stick such was the difference. Similarly at the top of Eau Rouge the car was still planted. The only thing i wasn't sure on was the car at the bottom of that corner felt twitchy rather than compressed and totally stuck to the ground?

    Equal cars on-line - With how different the game felt from '11 and only one or two chances for an online race this was actually always going to be impossible to determine. We did ask Steve and Paul about this and they said they believed they were very close but understandably didn't want to commit to a 100% answer.
    Trail Braking - I'll get on to trail braking but first i need to talk a bit about how different corner entry seems this year. Enter a corner to fast in '12 and you'll be running to the circuit limits at least and more likely be off on to the grass, gravel, etc. Following time in a real F1 simulator the team have really accentuated how clumsy these cars are at low speed over '11.

    No longer will you be stomping on the brakes and machine gunning the gears while trailing a lot of brake into the corners. I tried this on my first lap at Spa and went straight off at Rivage. Instead you need to apply the brakes, wait for the revs to fall a bit and then change down the gears each time waiting for the revs to fall a bit. You also need to get much more braking done before turn in than last year. You can still lightly trail the brakes but that will be to scrub the very very last bits of speed, a fraction too much and you'll be wide. Braking itself felt like there was a lot more fidelity, I felt i was able to back out of a lock with accuracy and also determine a lock up more easily than this year.

    Abuse of track limits - Going off track is a fair bit more serious now if you hit a gravel trap or are on grass. gravel will really slow you down to a crawl and the grass seemed a fair bit more slippery. As for exceeding the white line, there still seemed to be a fair bit of leniency - At Monza I messed up Ascari a few times fully running over the green verge without warning, maybe it would have flagged me if i'd run subsequent corners wide - hopefully is more stringent in time trial than race. would like to have seen warnings for more than 2 wheels over the white line though regardless.

    Force-feedback- We were able to try the game on a variety of wheels from the MS wheel and Fanatec Porsche wheel to the incredible Thrustmaster T500 F1 wheel. each took some time to get used to as it was of course a matter of adjustment from home setup and an unfamiliar game. The first really big thing i noticed was that kerbs really knock the wheel, second that it seemed to weight up more in the corners - not as nicely as GSC 2012 does but it seemed an improvement. One thing that did feel a bit weird was that the car felt a bit vague in a straightline seemed a touch more difficult to maintain the precise track position you were aiming for than in '11. minor but noticeable. in most other respects it felt similar to '11 to me.

    Realistic laptimes - with the changes to how the cars behave on during braking and corner entry the lap times have been brought much more in line with reality, we were told that the team had spent considerable time poring over lap data to ensure it as a close as is feasible.

    Selecting Race Strategy - You can now select how much fuel to start a race with from 3 base strategies: Cautious, Standard, Aggressive. I meant to check if you could do similar for tyres but forgot, did anyone else lok to see if you could select between 1,2 or 3 stop races at will without manual adjusting from the default?

    Tire Management - This area seemed improved with spinning up the rears leading to increased heat and wear, being cautious on corner exit will yield rewards. In the multiplayer race we did I swapped to new Options halfway through and they felt great so i blasted in some (relatively) hot laps but that meant my tyres were destroyed halfway through my planned stint. '12 seems to reward driving at a pace below the limit with controlled flashes of pace to gain track position. This is probably also the place to mention things like how marbles and any dirt o your tyres feels more pronounced and also lasts a fair while longer - actually punishing mistakes. Keeping an eye on the heat display on the SWIPE the tyres seemed to go through more levels of heat and each corner seemed to be treated on its own, so you could have a situation where only the left front was to hot and worn.

    Audio Feedback- As Marmite mentiond in his post the tire squeal noises have been raised in the mix. There was some discussion over lunch with various opinions on whether it was too pronounced or not. there are a couple of different sounds, one for slip and one for sliding. I thought they were probably a touch too high in the mix, preferring the slight squeak from last year, I would prefer grip to be communicated through the wheel more but with the majority of the public playing on pads can understand why the bigger audio cues have been added.

    Engine notes were more powerful, the McLaren especially sounded more guttural, while the Renaults were whinier.

    DRS didn't seem to have an activation noise anymore?

    Cockpit viewer - For me this was improved over '11 (which gave me headaches and felt too close). In '12 the view feels more drawn back with a slightly wider FoV, You can now clearly see both 90% of both mirrors and spatial awareness just felt much better for me. I could imagine using this as my default view in Career whereas i'd resorted to t-cam previously despite wishing to use cockpit. there was no Look to Apex which i consider a good thing.

    Gear Changes - I've mentioned this a few times but it has it's own bullet on my list so it'll get its own bit here :D. This point was on the list mainly because of videos i'd seen of people flying down the gears in to corners, going from 7th to 2nd or 1st as fast as they could tap the buttons with no punishment, i've been guilty of similar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5N6FKXamtY&feature=player_detailpage#t=112s)

    No more though. Try this in '12 and your engine will be strewn over a few hundred meters of circuit :D. Now you need to descend the gears rhythmically, with brief pauses between each to let the revs settle. I didn't get the rear to lock or step out under braking and gearing down though i expect attempts to have done this would have just resulted in engine failures.

    Setups - I never got around to doing anything more than looking at the new setup screens. I spent my time just trying to adjust to the new handling model.

    Ok, that was my list. now on to other things worthy of mention;

    AI. Seemed much improved pacewise. Corner entry speed was the biggest difference, in that i didn't find occasions where they were massively slower than me (I raced Spa, Monza and Hungary on Legend). I did noice them clumping a bit still and doing small amounts of side to side down straights as if they were unsure of which track position to take.
    Lighting seemed to have undergone refinement with a more natural and softer feel, tracks like Hungary had undergone hefty re-workings of track surfaces, track-side detail and so on. The cars looked great gleaming in the sunshine.
    Pitstops now feature an external sequence of cutaway shots similar to what you see on TV. I liked it but others found them immersion breaking
    Corner entry line is vastly more important with the new handling model
    punctures require you to go VERY slowly, i missed the pit entrance at Hungary with a front left puncture while doing 50kph and in 2nd gear!
    Rich fuel mix is now just up-up
    Aerials - wobbly aerials!
    Finally plans we were shown for Racenet are really exciting.
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    What's trail braking?
  • shamblemonkee 16 Aug 2012 11:18:41 17,897 posts
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    Leaving some brake applied while turning in. As opposed to the more standard method of getting all the braking done in a straight line and then turning in to the corner.

    Advantage of trail braking is that you carry a bit more speed in to the corner = faster.
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    Thanks. I think that was easier in 2011 than 2010 from memory (haven't played either for ages) - but the flipside was that 2011 penalised you more for slamming the brakes down, by locking up more easily than 2010.
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    Thanks for all the details Mr Shambles, v interesting. At least theres a demo this year, we can see for ourselves if its worth an upgrade (for me, from 2010…).

    The graphics look good to me, finally got the contrast right(?). Presumably the framerate hiccups are improved. The lighting + car models look better.

    If the AI pacing + laptimes are improved, then thats a big plus. Thats one reason I skipped 2011. Did you spot AI drivers doing anything else interesting or new?

    Personally I wish they'd exaggerate the *look* of the tyres when worn (+ show flat spots). But anyway, if dirt/marbles/heat have more effect, thats a good improvement.
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    @brseg, would be good to have you back in our races.

    AI to be very honest i think for all of us wo played most of our time was spent getting used to the new handling and for a fair number of us different wheels.

    And on top of that i spent alot of time on the kimi challenge (hard setting) where it was difficult to judge if that was true ai behaviour or not.

    which is basically a long winded way of saying i need more time to pass a proper judgement.

    Their overall paec seemed very good, they seemed better in to corners, carrying speed more - it was mentioned that they've been trained on human laptimes more this year.

    That said they still seemed to bunch a bit or sometimes seem tentative, but without more play i couldn't say if that was idicative of career and didn't play more than 5 mins in wet weather so can't comment on peformance in changing conditions.

    i also hope that's much improved as it kept me from career mode almost entirely.
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    F1 2012 demo is up on XBL...
  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 13:39:47
    Does anyone have any idea why they removed the full grand prix mode? All there is apparently is quick race and career mode.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this means you can no longer pick your favourite driver or team and play through a season with them. You will need to pick Career and hope that your fav team sign you up within the five year deadline before the career mode ends.

    That's quite a big feature to drop IMO, not being able to pick your fav driver/team and play as them in a campaign is all part of the fun!

    It's like if FIFA only included be a pro mode and only let you play for a non league club!
  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 13:43:00
    it seems they have, and replaced it with that championship mode. urgh. To be honest i never used it, other than just to use it for getting used to the handling again if i hadn't played it for a month or two.
  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 13:46:25
    Fair enough, it's a big issue for me. Losing the ability to play a season as a specific driver is pretty crazy for a sports game IMO.
  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 13:53:15
    yeah it does seem odd. Especially as imagine a lot of people just do off the fly races as well. Just fancy doing a race etc. Seems bizarre. I guess it be the same reason as the cockpit view in grid 2. only 3% used it or something.
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    The demo has a fair amount of content in it - after the young driver test, you have a free run in dry or wet in Abu Dhabi, and there's the 5 lap season race at Monza, good stuff.

    I'm unsure at the mo. Grip doesn't feel right to me at low speed, although I've never driven an F1 car! Feels more arcadey and easy, even without TC and ABS on a pad I was having to try to lock the wheels, whereas 2011 was completely at the other end of the scale. I'm surprised at the handling seeing as this is the first year they've had an expert on board to help with physics, but it's definitely arcadey. Having said that, I did enjoy it, so that's the main thing I suppose.

    And I noticed penalties were set as 'reduced' but I seemed to be getting penalties constantly at Monza - for even the slightest touch at low speed. Cars were turning into me at the last second with me ahead and I got the penalty, making overtaking a bit hit and hope. Doesn't bode well as that's what annoyed me most about 2011, very frustrating.

    Graphics are nicer, the game seems to have a better atmosphere and I do enjoy the actual racing. The engine sounds seem much better this year.

    I do like the demo, and I am a fan of the Codemasters F1 games, but may wait to hear impressions this time instead of launch day. I've still got tons to do in F1 2011.
  • lordofdeadside 12 Sep 2012 08:16:16 1,314 posts
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    That's sounds great tbf, I really struggled with the pad in previous games so a touch of arcade handling would be perfect for me. Not sure about the penalties thing, hope that doesn't ruin it. Must be very hard to get right though, the real stewards have enough trouble!
  • monkeyspasm 12 Sep 2012 08:39:54 2,954 posts
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    The penalties may be a good thing in that they stop you charging through the pack up to the first corner, you're forced to be much more careful.

    As I said, I'm on the fence a bit, it is fun and seems like a lot of work has gone into it, but I've got plenty left in F1 2011 yet. I'll wait and see what others think of the full game I think.
  • shamblemonkee 12 Sep 2012 10:21:19 17,897 posts
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    @monkeyspasm they've had ant davidson on board as consultant since '10.
  • Deleted user 12 September 2012 22:52:26
    So demo impressions?

    Graphics are much cleaner. A little less rough round the edges. High speed stuff is great, going round parabolica right quite right.

    Straight line stuff is really twitchy. Also hardly no feedback through controller ? Not sure what difficulty it was on, but i still overtook loads of cars into first corner at monza on first two laps. breaking distances are again totally different.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 13 Sep 2012 08:47:41 31,271 posts
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    Hmmm. Think I might give this a miss this year.

    Doesn’t seem to have changed/improved much at all from playing around with the demo. Meh.

    Demos have also saved me money on both FIFA and Pro Evo this week, too. Which is nice.
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    So apparently there's no tyre degradation scaling in F1 2012 like there was in the last two games. So if you set the race distance at 50%, the tyres should wear out twice as quickly but that doesn't happen in this version.

    Kinda breaks the game for anyone who doesn't race at 100% distances.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 18 Sep 2012 12:50:52 31,271 posts
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    It wouldn't be a Codemasters F1 game without something fundamentally broken at launch.
  • Deleted user 18 September 2012 13:15:49
    fuck sake codies. Also pratice sessions 1 and 2 are gone as well apparently. I don't mind that because i only ever done 5 laps or so on one practice session. But for those who care...

    the tyres thing is a joke though. Used to really like starting on the hard tyres and really giving it a go on the softer tyres and see what i could do :(
  • Deleted user 18 September 2012 13:22:12
    StarchildHypocrethes wrote:
    It wouldn't be a Codemasters F1 game without something fundamentally broken at launch.
    Errm the scary thing is, it isn't broken, according to the devs on twitter its by design no doubt to pander to the more arcade gamers?

    Just to clarify, if you have 25 or 50 percent race distance, the tyres don't degrade.

    With not being able to drive as your fav driver or with your fav team, doesn't appear to be a good year unfortunately.
  • monkman76 18 Sep 2012 13:29:06 12,563 posts
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    That's poor. The 'arcade gamers' could just switch off tyre degradation in 2010 and 2011.

    Smacks more of removing a feature they know they can't guarantee will be bug-free.
  • MontyBrewster 18 Sep 2012 13:44:16 253 posts
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    Scaled tyre wear over the shorter races was one of the few things I thought they did well in the other games. I think i'll make another lap on these then spin, damn it! race ruined, I knew I should have pitted that lap :)

    Bernie, please give the license to someone who knows what they're doing next time.
  • D_arkTrooper 18 Sep 2012 13:53:45 1,476 posts
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    Oh dear...so once again I'm gonna give this years F1 race game a miss.

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