We are looking for beta testers for our MMO motorsport game

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    We return with a new version of our game http://RacingLife.net. Modern graphics, unique design and thoroughly improved driving physics make the game more realistic with high levels of adrenaline.

    At the moment you can set your kart parameters and compete against other players in the 2nd time-trial championship.

    In the final version of our game you will be able to:

    Become a team manager and find the most talented drivers among other players in RacingLife.net. Manage your staff, team budget, facilities and lead your team to first place in the championship.

    Each race series requires the driver to develop different skills to enable them to get the most out of the car. Train in the right skills to be successful in every step of your racing career.

    Don't let your driving skills be hampered by a slow car. Buy or develop new car parts, upgrade and keep them at the highest performance level to beat your opponents.

    We are looking for motor sport fans to join and test our project.

    All your suggestions will be very valuable for us.
    Thank you
    Game Designer

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    Finally we have released the Training session.

    You can open training page from menu (Career->Training).
    Choose one of trainings, then intensity and number of days to train. If you choose longer training you will have better results but you will get trained skill points after the training is finished.

    If you choose higher intensity it will consume more of your energy points.

    If you abort training, you will get around half of the points that you would normally get for this length of training (if you abort training after 3 days you will get half of points that you would normally get for 3-days training)

    http://RacingLife.net team
  • Ziz0u 24 Jul 2012 14:05:06 11,006 posts
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  • racinglife 2 Aug 2012 12:18:06 9 posts
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    Within next few days (6.08) we will release 3-days racing event: There will be 2 practice sessions, 1 qualyfing and 2 race sessions.
    Now you can compete in the last time trial event and train your driver's skills.

    Let's join us!
  • racinglife 6 Aug 2012 11:14:34 9 posts
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    The second time trial season is over and it is now time for real racing in season 3!

    RacingLife.net presents you with a brand new feature to show off your managing skills.
    Realistic racing events with practice sessions, qualifying and races.
    Now you can watch battles on the track with multiple overtaking and position defending.
    Skills training centre in which you can choose between many training sessions that improve you performance on the track.
    Dynamic weather conditions that require a different car setup for each session.
    Set risk, concentration and energy for every drive.
    Watch out for tire degradation as they might wear out before the race is finished.
    This is the perfect moment to start building your racing porfolio, so don't wast e this opportunity and log into RacingLife.net
    That's not all. During season 3 we will prepare the next set of management features that will be released, ready for season 4. These will include sponsors, money management and car parts management.
    We look forward to seeing you in the game!

    The http://RacingLife.net crew
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    Race replays are available

    From today you can watch all race replays (as a visualization) in any league you want.
    Just go to Season Standings, then choose "Events" tab and select any finished event. On the top right you will see two buttons to run race replays (races 1 and 2).

    What are we preparing for future releases:

    Drivers making bigger errors will block all other drivers with less probability
    Driver's feedback
    Experience points
    Top drivers rankings
    Season Calendar
    RL Store - more items
    Car parts management
    Player's history (season by season)


  • racinglife 8 Sep 2012 13:26:39 9 posts
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    Season 4 has started
    This season will bring new important feature: car parts management. While we start it, your will get few parts to use throughout season 4. There will be more parts to use in top league, in lower league there will be less parts, so you need to manage them more carefuly and not wear them too quick.
    You will also start to see driver's feedback somewhere in second part of the season.
    We also start to prepare another racing series but we're not sure if we manage to release it before start of season 5.


  • racinglife 24 Sep 2012 15:03:41 9 posts
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    We have just released beta version of driver's feedback.
    It will be constantly improved.
    Try to use it for some time and let us know your opinion,
    Driver's feedback - you can now see if your driver is satisfy or not with his setup.


  • racinglife 29 Jan 2013 09:30:31 9 posts
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    Hi all,

    I have some good news to share with you. Some time ago we started to
    cooperate with one of the founders of a successful French online gaming
    Thanks to this, we started to implement some great new features
    Biggest changes that we currently work on are:

    1. New series: First new series (for 99%) is going to be Formula F1600 and F2000
    2. Car parts upgrades: In every series you will slowly upgrade your car and thanks to it you will have constant progress of your performance
    3. Trainings: will be time-based with instant finish option. Base on skills average, proper racing series will be unlocked

    4. Quests: will guide players to do tasks. After completing them,
    player will get rewards and gain more experience points, which will
    unlock higher car part levels
    5. More user-friendly and intuitive interface

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