Scanning software - freeware etc

  • Deleted user 25 July 2012 09:15:24

    I am at work, so 'google it' replies will be frowned upon. I have enough to google as is.

    I am looking for a good freeware image/scanner program, that works with most scanners - the default hardware one our office uses is very limited in options (DPI range, image options, etc).

    Does anyone use any noteworthy stuff?

  • Deleted user 25 July 2012 09:18:40

    Did you not get anything with the scanner?
  • neilka 25 Jul 2012 09:20:53 21,199 posts
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    CrispyXUK wrote:
    No need to get personal!!!!1
  • Deleted user 25 July 2012 10:06:05
    Yeah the scanning software with the thing is rubbish, and apparently the college IT guy couldn't get stuff working on the new PC the office has - no idea why...

    Ta Crispy
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