Yay! There is actually a way (to save us)!!

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  • Deleted user 5 August 2012 09:55:11
    I think we can save this planet (red: ourselfs). Just look at the facts and act upon!
  • Ged42 5 Aug 2012 10:06:37 7,985 posts
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    Fruit is Agent Smith from the Matrix this morning.
  • President_Weasel 5 Aug 2012 10:22:47 12,349 posts
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    This seal culling you're so upset about doesn't make a dent in their overall numbers. If you're bothered because they're so cutesy wutesy, don't look. There's an ignore button for seal culls: use it.
  • Rusty_M 5 Aug 2012 11:30:13 6,813 posts
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    Then we'd best enjoy it while it lasts. I don't agree with bashing stuff on the head unless I plan to eat it, or it is required ecologically.

    For example, deer fulfil both of those criteria.

    Edit: Bashing stuff on the head is also ok in a defensive manner IMO.

    Edited by Rusty_M at 12:33:17 05-08-2012
  • Deleted user 5 August 2012 11:53:19
    Fruit, I wonder if your misanthropy extends to yourself?
  • Deleted user 5 August 2012 14:24:48
    Forums gone to crap this weekend I see.
  • Deleted user 5 August 2012 23:16:59
    Let's schut up and focus on the task at hand *pokerface*

    Edited by El_Dragano at 23:17:50 05-08-2012
  • mal 5 Aug 2012 23:38:34 29,326 posts
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    Talking to yourself again, Fruit?
  • Deleted user 5 August 2012 23:43:59
    mal wrote:
    Talking to yourself again, Fruit?
    I read you
  • Deleted user 6 August 2012 16:23:05
    I understand your reaction. But if I really wanted to draw attention to myself, I would do a lot more posts than 91 in one month time, don't you think?

    Besides, this thread is about finding a way. Not necessarily about us.
    Will see, it'll probably die anyway and that is fine by me. Don't take it TOO seriously. ;)
  • Deleted user 6 August 2012 17:00:29
    Of course I hope it will survive, but that is not always the case.
    I respect your opinion, but you're wrong. Not more or less than the most of us. (edit)

    edit: I said 'probably' because of the predictable (and rather childish) reactions - to noob on this thread. And 'fine by me' because I'm not going to fucking whine about it.

    Edited by El_Dragano at 17:36:25 06-08-2012
  • Deleted user 6 August 2012 17:44:00
    Nice choice of name this time though, El_Dragono has a certain ring to it.
  • Deleted user 6 August 2012 18:15:20

    Thanks! ;) But I can assure you I'm not this 'Fruit' guy.
  • Deleted user 6 August 2012 18:20:53
    @El_Dragano Fair enough :)
  • skuzzbag 6 Aug 2012 18:33:48 5,950 posts
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    Not until 2:00am anyway.
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