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  • oceanmotion 22 Aug 2012 23:39:10 17,316 posts
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    My controls also deleted and never customized them.

    Hope that doesn't end up being their free patch from MS.

    Played a bit more, going to give it a miss for reasons already mentioned.
  • SteveHolt 22 Aug 2012 23:59:23 455 posts
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    Really enjoying this, feels very pure, much less convulated than contemporary shooters. What bothers me is that playing with friends seems broken ATM, the matchmaking never seems to find anything. The most reliable fix we could find: we all start our own games separately, and the first player who can find a game that has bots innit throws invites to the rest of the party. Less than ideal, especially since party chat is disabled while playing.
  • ammobox 23 Aug 2012 05:52:27 8 posts
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    What controls layout and sensitivity do you guys use?
  • Capn_Franky 23 Aug 2012 06:43:01 61 posts
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    @ammobox 0.70 horizontal 0.30 vertical, I reccomend making vertical less than horizontal but using your own amount, I still can't get used to it why did they have to make it impossible?

    On PC I can spray and control the recoil no problem, on Xbox I fire more than 3 bullets and I cand control it, in BF,COD,GOW, even GTA & Godfather etc etc before you ADS you can aim smoothly, why didn't valve adopt their method instead of creating the dreaded controls we had back in PS2 days?

    Edit: also I haven't been able to play online for the past 2ish hours, I was playing fine (despite the lag spikes) then the game froze but let me press start, so I quit out and tried another match, now it just stays in searching for eternity.

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  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 23 Aug 2012 07:01:19 47,491 posts
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    I played for the 45 minutes with Motti last night. It's pretty good.

    I'm still not buying it mind you - it'll be about 2.50 in the Steam Sale.
  • Capn_Franky 23 Aug 2012 08:47:45 61 posts
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    @MrTomFTW Boo your cheapness but good move buying it for the PC, a greater game by far on the PC than console.

    So I managed to play a game, a great one at that, completely lag free, then all of a sudden the round started, threw me in CT spawn (I was T) and I was just stood there shaking, all I could do was turn around and I could hear people despite them breaking up badly complaining the same thing has happened to them... Still it's early days yet, I'll cry properly when weeks pass and it's still the same.
  • binky Moderator 23 Aug 2012 08:49:10 10,863 posts
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    I had the missing controls thing too. In the previous time I'd loaded it, I had altered the sensitivity.

    Don't think I'll be buying this on xbox. It's a nice flashback, but it just doesn't suit the xbox in my opinion. REALLY wanted to love it, but having not played CS on my mac for a year or 2 it would probably be a bit short lived.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 23 Aug 2012 08:53:57 31,267 posts
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    I took the plunge.

    I really enjoyed it last night. The simplicity of it is quite refreshing and it plays a good team game.
  • ammobox 23 Aug 2012 09:42:07 8 posts
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    my sensitivity is 1.50 horizontal and 1.39 vertical, trying to get used to it now, sensityvity feels slight inert, like in homefront, i don't like it.

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  • AaronTurner 23 Aug 2012 09:51:15 9,766 posts
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    The only thing I don't like is the time limit, I'm sure round times used to be 5 mins. 2 mins means everyone just dashes in and there isn't too much time for chokes etc.
  • andytheadequate 23 Aug 2012 09:59:36 8,980 posts
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    I had a go at the single player after my multiplayer trial ran out. A lot of my complaints about the movement and controls vanished when I played that as it was so much smoother than in the MP. The lag really is game breaking at the moment. I could probably forgive it for everything else if it hadn't been so laggy. And due to the time limited trial, I won't even be able to try the demo again to see if they have fixed it.

    I can't believe Valve would publish and release something that so obviously lacks care. Running into battle only to realise your controls have reset and unmapped all the buttons so all you can do it stare at an enemy is quite funny though (for people spectating at least).

    I'm sure its excellent on the PC but think I will give it a miss. Bad netcode in a MP only game is simply not forgivable, and I refuse to buy another Brink but with more bugs. If old CS players are not keen on it with nostalgia and all, then I dread to think what people who have never played it before think.

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  • Capn_Franky 23 Aug 2012 13:54:23 61 posts
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    @andytheadequate it resets everyone's controls once, just once! Everyone's making it sound like it happens every other game.

    Keep the demo so I can let you play it properly when I come down. I'm not sure if the servers are player hosted or we all join dedicated ones, because I've just had a good 2-3 hour session with no lag at all (although the majority of people joining said they did) and when I first joined the server it was only me vs bots, so maybe that is the cause of lag?

    Don't say it doesn't lack care fool, Xbox isn't their real concern when it comes to CS and you can blame MS for that, after all, would you like to try do deals with MS to release stuff for free and have them on your back all the time when you have your own DRM?

    The controls (despite me getting used to them, in the most loose possible sense) are just awful, especially for a game that requires you to counter the recoil by pulling down and the opposite way of the spread, now it just turns into a western, stood still firing at each other.

    To honestly score it after being (and still being) a CS fanboy since 1.5 and playing on the Xbox (not taking into account first week lag issues) I'd give it a 5/10, whereas the pc version is a solid 10, the controls do make that much of a difference to me.

    I've had some great games, but some equally dreadful ones yet the dreadful ones are mostly a result of lag, I've only been playing it a day so maybe the whole control feel just needs to be sat with me a little longer, after all I've played BF3 as my only FPS for almost 1 year solidly...
  • Deleted user 23 August 2012 15:33:10
    I thought it was good. I enjoyed CS 1.6 and the Source version, this was a nice reminder of those days. I won't be buying it though, not on xbox at least. I have enough pew pew games.
  • Deleted user 23 August 2012 20:43:25
    Took the plunge. While it's clear that keyboard and mouse is this games bread and butter I'm having a lot of fun with the pad.

    I think it definitely helps that I've never played CS previously so the maps are all new to me. They're very good.
  • AaronTurner 24 Aug 2012 02:17:26 9,766 posts
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    spent six or so hours playing this gettong progressivly worse with a bottle of wine. Pretty good fun still!
  • 1Dgaf 24 Aug 2012 02:19:06 5,027 posts
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    Capn_Franky wrote:
    @andytheadequate it resets everyone's controls once, just once! Everyone's making it sound like it happens every other game.
    It doesn't happen just once. It's happened to me a few times. It can affect a game because you can't rush if you're trying to sort out your buttons.

    I've tried it a few times since. I had two good games - i.e. no lag. Everything else was bugged and broken.
  • Capn_Franky 24 Aug 2012 04:39:17 61 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    @1Dgaf did it happen during the trial or just after the trial? I've only heard complaints of it happening once, never multiple, but shouldn't happen full stop.

    I've just sent an email to Microsoft customer support asking for a refund (like that will work huh?) after all, and through no exaggeration I have been unable to play a game without rubber banding lag for the past 6-8 hours on and off.

    I bought this game (and it's only purpose is) for online multiplayer and it is completely broken, if I'm not lagging and being unable to leave spawn I'm stood still and froze, if that doesn't happen and I'm running around in a jerky motion, I'm being vote kicked.

    I had 1, 1 game where it wasn't laggy and I suspect this is because I was host and it wasn't fun at all as the majority were such an easy kill due to them suffering the same misfortune I do when I play online.

    I look forward to microsofts response that blames me for the lag, but it's funny how every other game in history I've played on the 360 (bar Wrecked) has been and still is perfectly fine. Why not give us dedicated servers or the option to purchase them like in BF3? Dare I say I'd consider buying one, I did for the Pc.
  • Deleted user 24 August 2012 09:44:00
    I think it's perfectly fair to ask for a refund if the game you bought is not fit for purpose. I'm suffering from shite lag myself which is getting in the way of a great game.

    Amusing weapon course.
  • damagedinc 24 Aug 2012 10:05:53 2,640 posts
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    Whats min requirments for pc version?
  • AaronTurner 24 Aug 2012 10:20:07 9,766 posts
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    A lot of cunts spamming the kick vote in this.
  • damagedinc 24 Aug 2012 10:27:51 2,640 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    God damn it i really want to get this but worried by comments on here.

    Anyone actually having a good time on the xbox?
  • AaronTurner 24 Aug 2012 10:30:34 9,766 posts
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    Registered 13 years ago
    Yes, I've played a crazy amount. I really like it, haven't noticed any more lag than other games. Seems far more fun than cs:source.
  • Deleted user 24 August 2012 10:34:24

    I personally think it's great but there are valid concerns over the lag and the fact the community may die pretty quickly. People that have an affinity with the PC version are probably right to prefer the original format.

    However as a console gamer the controls actually feel fine to me after a bedding in period. I mapped walk to L3 and set it to toggle so I can move through tight spaces better.

    The maps are great and the guns feel meaty, there is quite a lot of bang here for your buck. It's going through some initial teething troubles which I hope won't kill off it's support straight away.

    Hoping that the best of the mods will be ported and keep it alive. It would be a shame if this was just chucked on XBLA and left to die.

    In my opinion it's a really good hardcore shooter.

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  • CrispyLog 24 Aug 2012 12:14:35 115 posts
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    Anyone else havig a problem with people voting to change the map near the end, so you never actually get to finish a proper game? Had it a few times and it's very annoying.
  • Capn_Franky 24 Aug 2012 12:40:20 61 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    Yes, the voting system is poorly implemented in this game. Just because a team is loosing and they vote to switch maps, scramble teams or swap teams doesn't merit the game to reset to 0-0, it just turns into a war against players then, same with vote kick.

    I'm vote kicked 90% of the time by my own team as you can't kick enemy players and the reason is because I'm lagging. So what, I know I'm lagging its the only way I can play online but I'm on your team, just leave me be for a while.

    I've noticed the game runs ok when less than 6/7 people are in the game, any more and its 10 steps forward a million steps to the right, back, upside down, back to front, dead.

    I'm not hating on the game, I love it when it works, but for me personally it's far too inconsistent to recommend and playing against bots gets boring fast, I'm sure they only have 2/3 tactics per map.
  • 1Dgaf 24 Aug 2012 13:08:21 5,027 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago

    I've only played the trial version; I'm not buying until I know what's going on. Good for you for contacting MS.
  • Deleted user 24 August 2012 18:11:21
    xbox there are too few players on classic modes.
  • Deleted user 24 August 2012 19:29:55
    I agree, hopefully the majority will man up when they get used to the proceedings.
  • BryanAKADJ 24 Aug 2012 22:39:03 284 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    Slowly but surely I'm downloading it, seems straight up, simple, good, classic shooter fun-adding rage-quitting stuff. Though I've never tried any thing really like counter-strike, FPS wise.
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