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  • CosmicFuzz 25 Feb 2013 07:24:15 32,214 posts
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    Was good, but as others say it felt rushed and cheaply made. Also, the time travel stuff makes no sense to me at all.

    And couldn't they just have given the kid an address to go to in Oslo? :D

    It didn't wrap up everything though. What happened with the whole ZFT or whatever, the handbook written by Walter on his dodgy typewriter, and the whole "first people" stuff? Has that been wrapped up already?

    Not sure I enjoyed the whole invasion story as much as universe hopping. But was still pretty good overall.
  • CosmicFuzz 25 Feb 2013 13:32:06 32,214 posts
    Seen 15 hours ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Nah I was just being picky.

    I also didn't like the way storylines were dropped like Walter suddenly becoming nice, and Peter taking the observer chip out. There was so much they could have done with that and they didn't. What was the point?
  • chopsen 6 Jul 2013 15:51:45 19,993 posts
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    Just watched this.

    Now, way back when child Peter was unwell, Walter failed to find a cure because an observer walked in his lab and distracted him. There all the universe jumping etc strted. Now the observers never existed, Peter never died, and pretty much nothing else would have happened, no?
  • BinaryBob101 6 Jul 2013 15:55:37 26,520 posts
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    Um yeah, about that...

    Best not to think about stuff like that too much. ;-)
  • GiarcYekrub 30 Dec 2013 13:32:04 4,732 posts
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    I just finished watching this, I watched all 5 seasons back to back... Not sure why they ditched Universes 1 and 2 for 3 and 4 in season 4 seemed to go downhill at that point, I guess it was to undo making fauxlivia kill the deaf bloke which was probably was a mistake the writers made not thinking ahead, I mean they were already humanizing her with Olivia taking her life over there

    For me it makes more sense if the Observers were from the future other side, that would give a reason for not invading it too and give them a reason to get involved in the inter-universe goings on.
  • Mola_Ram 30 Dec 2013 14:23:06 17,569 posts
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    Any Fringe lovers should check out Sleepy Hollow. It has much the same feel to it, and one or two of the same actors!
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