What's the best motorbike racing sim?

  • MetalDog 6 Sep 2012 13:30:53 24,080 posts
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    Xbox or PS3
    I'm asking for someone else so if you could flag where they lie on the realisism vs crazy fun spectrum too, that would be aces.

  • dogbot 6 Sep 2012 13:34:22 2,902 posts
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    Tbh, none of them are very good.

    SBK X isn't dreadful, and there's a fair few difficulty settings that allow you to ride in variety of modes from more arcadey to actual "simulation" but the graphics might as well be a tissue box onscreen as a bike, for all that it feels like riding one.

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  • glaeken 6 Sep 2012 13:39:16 11,893 posts
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    I thought the Moto GP games reviewed quite well from what I remember but not played them. It's not a stellar score but not terrible.


    As to if it feels anything like a bike I doubt it. I have never played any game that could get that right. It's far harder to pull of simulating a bike than cars.

    SBK X seems to have scored roughly the same. Probably a good idea to check out if there are demo's of either. I do remember playing a demo of Moto GP years ago that was up on Xbox live.

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  • MetalDog 6 Sep 2012 13:43:33 24,080 posts
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    Cheers chaps, I'll pass that on and any others who want to weigh in
  • Murbs 6 Sep 2012 13:44:41 23,870 posts
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    Bikes in PGR4? Arcadey, but the best arcadey.
  • glaeken 6 Sep 2012 13:46:56 11,893 posts
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    I did not really like the bikes in PGR4. For arcadey bike handling I preferred Midnight club LA's bikes.
  • shamblemonkee 6 Sep 2012 13:50:03 17,897 posts
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    Not much to add dogbot got it pretty much spot on. There should be demos of both games on xbox live.

    You should only consider the very lastest in the moto gp series, that features all the various bikes sizes, has a great sense of speed from the rider cam but the handling is a bit loose - it can be hard to get the bike right where you want it which is a shame as riding faston the bikes is all aobut corner entry position to get the right arc for the exit.

    SBK is mostly regarded better than moto gp but again it can all feel a bit flimsy and the AI can vary wildly form too slow to too fast through corners that you can reall ystruggle to replicate their speed through or vice versa.

    Really i guess it would come down to how bothered your friend is aobut playing a sim game or just a bike racing game.

    not sure that there is anything on the arcade front other than PGR?
  • MetalDog 6 Sep 2012 13:53:48 24,080 posts
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    I think he's more likely to fall on the side of realism - plays car racing games already, is a petrolhead, etc. But will suggest anything deemed good just in case.
  • Deleted user 8 September 2012 14:04:58
    Moto GP 2 on the original Xbox had a simulation mode, for me it was the best, not sure if it's backwards compatible with the 360 though.

    Racing in the wet was extremely tricky, great on xbox live also (sadly missed but system link is supported) on the first corner around 60% of players would lose it.

    Every other MotoGP or SBK racer since seemed never had the same level of simulation.
  • robthehermit 8 Sep 2012 16:12:04 6,485 posts
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    Not a sim, but there's bikes in Burnout Paradise.

    What we really need is update of Road Rash.
  • hypoBla5t 8 Sep 2012 17:30:05 2,252 posts
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    Or a Manx TT HD remake. That would be sexual.
  • pinebear 8 Sep 2012 18:50:36 8,564 posts
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    Gosh darn dangit robth, now you've gone and got us all thinking about motorbikes in Most Wanted 2012
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