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  • MattDite 6 Sep 2012 20:58:53 1 posts
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    Hello everybody

    I'm an independent developer and this is what I have been working on.

    It is a sliding game, but different from the one I have seen around.
    The inspiration comes from one of those relaxing time waster I used to play when I was in high school.

    Now there are plenty of them online and in the app store but I really never enjoyed them because of the subjects ( cats, flowers, animals, my own photos, buildings, etc..) and because of the gameplay. I was bored by the typical move and arrange the blocks. Plus most of them have terrible user interfaces.
    There are few ones with a subject I love such as arts, but the gameplay is more similar to a jigsaw than a sliding game.

    I wanted to have a dynamic gameplay, and a colorful design.
    I kept focus on the art world and I chose masterpieces from different periods, organized in wings, I cleaned them and resized them to fit the full iPhone screen.
    I got rid of the "block" concept and I duplicated the artwork, I cut one in vertical stripes, the other one in horizontal stripes. And here you have a jumbled painting to restore.
    I really enjoyed to play it. I decided to add a move limit and the advanced levels are pretty hard.
    While playing there is a option button to check the difficulty of the level and the moves still to make in order to clear it.

    My friends found it very fun and addictive but I would like more opinions about it. Every comment and feedback about it is welcome !
    The game is free, and it will always be. And if you love arts, i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it !

    Here is a video trailer too!

    Regarding the longevity, If you are fast and your visual memory is good it should not take more than one hour to finish the 36 levels.
    There is also a paid version, with few differences ( no moves limit, different rating system, obviously more levels ) for the ones who will enjoy the free version and wants more!
    Feedbacks and comments about longevity and difficulty curve are also very welcome !!

    Thank you so much for taking time to read all of this !

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