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    A new start up is taking the Pathfinder tabletop game and turning it into a skills-based MMO. The team has got some pedigree behind it and is headed up by Ryan Dancey of Eve Online fame.

    Indeed, the entire game takes a lot of cues from Eve Online albeit smoothing out the curve a little. The universe is well established (Pathfinder has been beating D&D in terms of sales for the past couple of quarters) and there is a lot of flavour going into the game.

    How mechanics work are open to interpretation but essentially you'll need a combination of skills and badges to be able to do certain things.

    There is a push towards collaborative gaming, moving from groups to guilds (Chartered Companies) to settlements and finally entire nation-states.

    They intend to move things slowly and steadily to reduce infrastructure costs but also to build a loyal fanbase. It's shaping up to look really good and the tech demo is due out within the month. For those of you tired with the current crop of theme park MMOs, this might be one to watch.
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