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    It wasn't that long ago that the PC was the only choice you had if you wanted to play games online. The first console that included a modem for online play was the Sega Dreamcast, which launched in Japan in 1998. The Dreamcast wasn't a big success, however, and went out of production in 2001. It wasn't until the second half of 2002 that PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube introduced online capabilities. Naturally, the latest generation of consoles all have features that use the Internet to enhance gameplay.

    Today, online console games are quite common, with Microsoft's Xbox Live service leading the way. Sony also has big plans for online content for the PlayStation 3, and consoles are now starting to get game downloads and other applications formerly only available on the PC, such as Web browsers. A few titles can now be played across platforms, such as Final Fantasy XI, in which PS2, Xbox 360, and PC users explore the same online world.

    That said, PCs still offer the largest selection of online games, and some of the most popular online games, such as World of Warcraft, are exclusive to the PC. Of course, there are many things to consider before deciding on a gaming platform. Foremost among these is deciding which games you want to play, how much money you want to spend, and whether or not you need a PC for other purposes. Ideally I suppose we would all have both a console and a PC, but if that's not an option, here is quick comparison of the two.

    I have thought hard and come up with advantages and disadvantages

    Console Advantages

    The most obvious advantage consoles have over PCs is cost. The majority of consoles sell for well under $500, often with a couple games in the bundle. A PC adequate for running the latest games can easily cost twice that much.

    The second most obvious advantage is simplicity. Let's face it, PC gaming can be a technical nightmare compared to console gaming. People can actually take a console home and be playing a game within minutes. No operating systems to configure or drivers to update, and better still, no purchasing a game only to find out that it isn't compatible with your PC for some obscure reason.

    Multiplayer gaming is also made easy with companies like Microsoft offering online services for their product. The Xbox, which came equipped with a network card, raised the bar for consoles in this regard, making it a simple matter to hook it up to a DSL or Cable Internet connection and get into a multiplayer game on Xbox Live, complete with voice chat.

    Another appealing thing about consoles is that many people prefer to play games sitting on the couch, or they want to play with friends in the same room. While these things are possible on a PC, consoles are extremely well-suited for this right out of the box. Console games are more readily rented than PC games, and more easily returned to the retailer if you're not satisfied with them. Generally speaking, it is difficult to return PC games because they are easy to copy.

    Console games tend to have a relatively low learning curve. You might need fast thumbs, but you certainly won't need to spend hours in a "tutorial" trying to learn how to operate basic game functions.

    Console Disadvantages

    Although sealing everything into one unit does keep it simple, when some of the components inside the box become dated there's no way to solve the problem without replacing the entire console. In most cases, upgrades that could prolong the life of the system are not an option.

    Consoles perform only one task really well, where PCs can be used for an extremely wide range of things. Some console manufacterers are trying to make them a little more flexible, but it will clearly be a long time before they support the staggering variety of applications that can be found for PCs.

    There is a distinct lack of inter-connectivity between the different console brands. Many games are available for one type of console but not others, and when it comes to online play, each is typically restricted to its own network. This means that people with Xboxes can usually only play against other people with Xboxes, so, for example, there is no way for console gamers to jump into a fray on one of the countless PC Counter-Strike servers available. The PS2 has made some progress in this area, forging the way for cross-platform gaming between PS2 and PC users, but only a few titles support this right now.

    While the PS2 network adapter supports both 56K modem and broadband connections to the Internet, broadband is required for Xbox online play. As well, Microsoft charges a yearly fee for use of the Xbox Live service.

    And now, to PC Advantages

    One of the biggest advantages the PC has over consoles right now is that there are a lot more games available for the PC than there are for consoles, particularly when it comes to multiplayer online games. Not only are the vast majority of MMOGs designed for the PC, but PC gamers also have the option to play MUDs, email games, browser games, and a wide variety of titles that are distributed digitally or available as free downloads.

    As mentioned above, another clear advantage PCs have over consoles is that you can use them for a lot more than playing games. Furthermore, if you like to modify games or edit maps for them, a PC is essential, and you have to take a break from gaming sometime to read gaming sites.

    PCs are always on the cutting edge of gaming technology. The current generation of consoles with high-definition capabilities did briefly narrow the gap, but well-equipped PCs continue to offer superior graphics. Computer monitors can be found with considerably higher resolutions than HDTVs, and the latest multi-core processors and dual GPU solutions make it possible to build a remarkably powerful game system. Even if a console offers incredible technology upon its release, there is no way for it to compete with the rapid hardware advancements that have become a way of life in the computer industry.

    When it comes online gaming, PCs give people a variety of ways to connect to the Internet, and to each other, which aren't restricted to proprietary services or software. Different brands of computer and event different operating systems generally communicate very well with one another. This is quite different from services like Xbox Live, for example, which is the only option available to Xbox users that want to play online, and is closed to everyone that doesn't have an Xbox.

    Finally, as your PC ages, there is a reasonable chance of extending its gaming life with a component upgrade, although it can get a bit messy.

    PC Disadvantages

    While PCs have come down considerably in price over the years, they are still quite expensive compared to consoles. There ways to economize on a PC, such as building it yourself, but it's not easy to get the cost of a PC down to a price comparable to even the most expensive console.

    Computers are also getting a little more user friendly, but eventually every PC gamer will encounter some technical complication that interferes with their gaming, be it a device driver that needs updating or components that are simply incompatible. PCs are also much more vulnerable to viruses and other security breaches.

    The truth is, installing a game on your computer is always a bit of a gamble. You never really know if it's going to work until you're actually playing the game, and even then, in the back of your mind, you're expecting it to crash at any moment.

    Unlike most console games, PC games have the potential to get ridiculously complicated. This can give a game depth, but it can also result in tedious arrays of keyboard commands and lengthy tutorials which one must endure to learn how to play.

    PC games are often not well-suited for playing on the couch, especially given that the mouse and keyboard are the preferred PC game controllers. Unlike console games, you also won't find many PC games that support two players on one machine at the same time.

    Final Thoughts
    The latest round of consoles has a lot to offer online gamers, and if you're into sports and racing titles, consoles are a good way to go. If you like massively multiplayer games and online shooters, there are a great deal more to choose from on the PC. Online play options for consoles are getting better all the time, but proprietary networks and fees for services like Xbox Live make them a bit less attractive. For the most part, PCs are still the dominant platform for online gaming, and that appears likely to continue for a while yet.

    Steam Gaming

    I have been requested from my best friend Shaun to talk about steam.
    Most of you know what steam is but for the N00b's, here's some text explaining what steam is, and does.

    I will write about the new feature that steam are currently testing.

    Steam is a digital distribution service that is run by run by Valve, the company responsible for legendary video games such as the Half Life and Left 4 Dead series. While there are many other digital distribution services such as Direct2Drive and Impulse Driven, Steam offers some special features that give it an advantage over the others. Payment methods include Direct Debits/Paypal

    I myself have had brilliant experience's with steam,
    Steam is a simple Web browser that is only compatible with the Steam website, it allows you to download games and save them, from that client you can play games and even communicate with your friends.

    Bleh, I can just buy my games from PC world and use skype
    There you would be wrong!
    The Steam platform has been written to keep lag to a minimum. Its built in Voice feature isn't as good as skype, but never fails to do a fantastic job. Its a wonder they don't charge you for using steam!

    Steam has a great community, I write about that below. The option to create groups via steam and manage them is Great! I have set up a group for my minecraft server to test this fantastic feature! Its free and gives you a Custom domain extension.

    Here are a few advantages of Steam.

    Steam Advantage #1: No Discs to Scratch or Lose

    This advantage extends to all digital distribution services but its especially convenient with Steam. With Steam you install a client that keeps track of all of the games you own from Steam. The games are tied to your account and you can download and install them anytime you wish. Just click on the title from your game list and Steam automatically downloads and installs the program. Of all the digital distribution services, Steam is by far the most convenient to use to keep track and install your games. On a personal note, the Steam client has on more then one occasion gotten me to reinstall and replay an old favorite when I see it on the list. While this is not a specific feature of Steam, it has the same effect as finding an old favorite book on a bookshelf and leads to hours of enjoyment.

    Steam Advantage #2: Your Games Stay Updated

    In the modern PC gaming world patches are often released to either fix bugs or add new features to games. If you do not install these patches you are missing out on the best gaming experience possible and may encounter bugs that make the game unplayable. The Steam client keeps track of these patches and automatically downloads and installs them. With Steam you never have to worry about not having the latest version of your games.

    Steam Advantage #3: Achievements

    Achievement systems became extremely popular with the release of the Xbox360. Steam has created its own achievement system that applies to many of the games available on Steam. Just like Xbox achievements or PS3 trophies when you do certain things in your games such as defeat a boss or complete a difficult trick you are awarded with achievement points. While these points do not give you any real benefits, they are bragging material and gaining them adds a new element to your games that becomes quite addicting.

    Steam Advantage #4: Community

    The Steam client gives you access to both forums and messaging capability. The forums allow you to communicate with other people that are playing the same game to share strategies and ask questions. The messaging feature allows you to communicate with your friends no matter what game each of you is playing. This gives you a community experience even in the most single player game.

    Thanks for reading,

    If you'd like to share your opinion, simply post bellow!


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    I refuse to post you my bellows simply to make my opinion heard. How on earth would I get my fire going then!?
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    Well this is certain to be an intellectually stimulating thread
  • Deleted user 28 September 2012 22:43:09
    pc iz rly gud
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    no fucking chance
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    I applaud you kind sir for your well thought out essay but this is the Internet, so TITS OR GTFO!!!
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    And you're talking about 56k modems and the PS2!

    How long did it take you to type this!?
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    You wrote a whole thread out in the first post, incredible.

    [insert witheringly sarcastic and originally humorous post here]
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    Thanks for the excellent comparison, I play both on a PC and PS3, I usually prefer my PS3 for most games except shooters (can't play well without a mouse
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    I have only recently come back into the pc world (after a decade of mac/ console usage) and I have to say I've been really impressed. Not a single mind bogglingly frustrating issue at all yet. Windows 8 also seems a hell of a lot more interesting and innovative than mountain lion too. The only thing I miss is pressing space bar for quick preview and the seamless nature of time machine.
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    @rossmccoll Love it!
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    Post deleted
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    Pc is 4 gayz n nerdz lol
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    Carlo wrote:
    And you're talking about 56k modems and the PS2!

    How long did it take you to type this!?
    Based on some of the stuff he wrote, I'd guess he started writing this around 2007 or 2008.
  • Deleted user 28 September 2012 23:33:40
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    Jazzassin wrote:
    Carlo wrote:
    And you're talking about 56k modems and the PS2!

    How long did it take you to type this!?
    Based on some of the stuff he wrote, I'd guess he started writing this around 2007 or 2008.
    Cut him some slack
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cameron; my personal opinion isÖ

    Consoles are the best for multiplayer gaming and simplistic online gaming; while the PC is king for the likes of Championship Manager and MMORPG. Everyone now has access to at least one console and a PC; so it isnít really a case of PC verses consoles; it is more a case of gaming preferences.


  • Deleted user 29 September 2012 00:12:51
    Is this a cleverly disguised pc vs console thread?


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    rossmccoll wrote:
    LOOOOOL I love that^^

    PC Elitism is just the best.. makes me lol sooo hard XD

    look at this as well:

    Glorious PC Gamer Master Race 4 Ever =P

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    overcorpse wrote:

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    Well fuck
  • Deleted user 21 November 2013 20:42:44
    PC gamers generally are remarkably clever mongoloids. They know what is what but they don't know what is what. They just strut.
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