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  • Moot_Point 10 Nov 2012 11:39:55 5,530 posts
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    You buy a dog and stick it in a crate? That is cruel IMO.
  • RelaxedMikki 10 Nov 2012 11:48:29 2,521 posts
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    Bonfire night was a nightmare with our dog. 3 nights of constant barking at every bang.

    She's adorable, though. Just told my daughter that 'the scones are in the bowl in the kitchen'. The dog suddenly jumps up off the couch, where she had been curled up next to me, and rushes off. She comes back a second later with a ball in her mouth. Her head was tilted sideways and her ears standing to attention in that confused 'is this right?' way that dogs have. I guess she thaught I said 'ball' not 'bowl'!
  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 12:37:14
    @RobAnybody Yeah I've got her booked in again for Monday, going to try and rest her as much as possible - not easy! - and keep giving her her medicine. Fucking hate seeing her like this but everyone is telling me it is to be expected from a puppy.

    Yeah I felt exactly the same about crates before. But I have spoken to three different vet practices (several vets, two dog walkers and a puppy class - we've done our research!) and all have stressed how important it is. My problem is that I didn't have the heart to lock her in so let her roam and she ended up hurting herself. Need to start locking her in at night so she doesn't end up hurting herself but fuck me is it hard.
  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 12:37:52
    @Moot_Point You have absolutely no idea what the fuck you are talking about so kindly fuck off.
  • neilka 10 Nov 2012 12:41:49 21,199 posts
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    Does the crate also contain any powerups/ammunition? Or can you push it around to solve a tedious puzzle?
  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 12:45:19
    ecureuil wrote:
    Crate training is an important part of bringing up a puppy. You can get soft material crates instead of metal bars, if you're worried about your dog hurting itself.
    Yeah we're starting to wish we did that and might consider buying another, smaller soft material crate and leave the big one until she is older and a little bit less daft!
  • Lukus 10 Nov 2012 12:50:33 21,195 posts
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    Could at least have left her with a crowbar.
  • drhcnip 10 Nov 2012 12:52:45 5,898 posts
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    we've used a crate since we got our nutter at approx 3 mths from the rescue 2 & half years ago

    don't feel guilty about it, ours treats it as a den/bedroom and knows that's where he goes for a nap at night time and when we go out - never been distressed and never been a problem - even goes with us on holiday

    they're only cruel if used incorrectly, like anything with dogs

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  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 12:56:51
    Would you ever put a cat or indeed kitten in a crate?
  • drhcnip 10 Nov 2012 13:06:35 5,898 posts
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    nope, but wouldn't have a cat to start with

    also, there's a big difference - dogs are den animals, cats are not, so if used correctly, the crate is the 'den' - he goes in and out of there quite happily of his own accord

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  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 13:24:19
    Ah that seems alright then. Dogs love freedom too so when they get bigger that's why people stop putting them in crates or cages but no harm is done from putting puppies in crates or cages. Never put a chicken in a crate, it will go fucking ballistic.

    Same goes for penguins.

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  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 13:33:44
    I've always crated my penguins.
  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 13:44:19
    @drhcnip Yeah I just need to be strong. Fucking hard though when you hear them cry :(

    I want it to be her den and safe area.
  • Dirtbox 10 Nov 2012 13:44:49 90,178 posts
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    Post deleted
  • nickthegun 10 Nov 2012 13:50:44 73,304 posts
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    Goodbye cruel world.
  • nickthegun 10 Nov 2012 14:05:51 73,304 posts
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    You couldnt make your dogs less cool if you set them on fire.
  • nickthegun 10 Nov 2012 14:09:19 73,304 posts
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    Thats not really much of an insult when you mince about with two four legged powder puffs.
  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 14:09:27
    Crushing about the leg, but in a way it's good it happened because now you're a little more focused on it.
    My Staffie was a bit of a whiner when he was a pup, I think most dogs are when they're younger(social animals, etc). That extra bit of care you take will help them figure out their place in the pack and will be more submissive when you're guiding their personality as they grow.
    Heartbreaking, but worth it in the end, a well raised dog is the best animal you can have.
  • AaronTurner 10 Nov 2012 14:30:37 9,760 posts
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    Since I built a kind of largish caged area for my dog it's calmed her down a lot. She is very old / senile now, if I see that she's about to have a session of anxiety or confusion I now put her in the caged area and she seems to accept it and settles down. It's been an absolute life saver, there have been nights in the past where I was getting a couple of hours sleep because of her behaviour. I was really tearing my hair out about it.
  • neilka 10 Nov 2012 14:38:16 21,199 posts
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    How much are stick insects these days?
  • nickthegun 10 Nov 2012 14:42:47 73,304 posts
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    Not much, but the emotional investment is huge. you have to spend the first four nights up a tree with them.
  • Dougs 10 Nov 2012 14:52:48 85,238 posts
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  • quadfather 10 Nov 2012 14:59:00 30,831 posts
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    Interesting thread.

    We've been planning about getting a dog for some time now. We're both in our 40's, own the house, and have just finished all the messy renovations. We've also got 2 cats, so were mulling over the puppy/dog situation.

    We both work, but there's some stables nearby, where people can drop their dog off for the day - so he/she would get a lot of exercise, meet other dogs, meet other people etc

    Trouble is, one of our cats (10) is fine with pretty much everything. But the other one is pretty much a nervous wreck, so we'd be worried he'd just leave the house.

    We've gone through various breeds. We don't want a rat, and we don't want something absolutely massive. We were thinking of a collie cross, or maybe a greyhound/lurcher (Sister has a lurcher and I know it quite well - it's exercise requirements, how long you can leave it alone for etc)

    So even though we've gone through quite a lot of the prep, we're still some way off getting one

    What kinds of choices / issues are there, when you have cats at 10 + 11 and then introduce a dog into the mix?

    Edit - Mowgli - really sorry to hear about your pup - how is it getting along now?

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  • Moshbag 10 Nov 2012 15:13:15 109 posts
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    @mowgli Depending on how big the puppy is, I recommend taking it out and about just carrying it in a shoulder bag (I wouldn't sling it in a sack over your shoulder), try and get it used to outdoors and noises etc, before the vaccinations. Might help with its energy levels too.

    As for crates, it's purely a preference, I never have and never will crate my dogs but if you think it's right for yours then go for it with the proper advice.

    @quadfather Terriers all the way for me!

    Also, all dog owners should read "In Defence of Dogs" by John Bradshaw, very good book that dispels a lot of the gubbins people think about dogs and their behaviour.
  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 15:23:10
    Not like there's any way it's going to look gayer with that dog. Might as well.
  • neilka 10 Nov 2012 15:28:06 21,199 posts
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    Buy a top hat, cut the top off and keep your dog in there.
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