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  • mal 2 Nov 2012 02:44:34 29,326 posts
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  • spamdangled 2 Nov 2012 03:08:38 31,361 posts
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    "Kotaku, traditionally a leader in games reporting"

    Are they bollocks. Regurgitating every baseless rumour is not leading the way in game reporting.

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  • Deleted user 2 November 2012 04:17:49
    Wonder where that leaves Eurogamer.

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  • King_Edward 2 Nov 2012 09:49:08 11,470 posts
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    Shinji has his say.
  • cowell 2 Nov 2012 09:59:37 1,457 posts
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    Such a non-story. Wainwright puts together most of Recommended features in there, by that logic she'd be buying a tropical island of her own by now.
  • glo 2 Nov 2012 10:41:31 3,573 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    King_Edward wrote:
    Shinji has his say.
    Good article. Rob speaks a lot of truth and there are a lot of people in the games industry who should be reading it and having a long, hard think about the ethics of what they do. This isn't some minor issue as many in the industry would like to think. It's a big deal.
  • speedofthepuma 2 Nov 2012 11:20:25 13,418 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Ohh, Shinji can wax lyrical cant he. I miss him. Good points.
  • President_Weasel 2 Nov 2012 12:02:31 12,349 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    darkmorgado wrote:
    "Kotaku, traditionally a leader in games reporting"

    Are they bollocks. Regurgitating every baseless rumour is not leading the way in game reporting.
    They may be leading games reporting in a race to the bottom, but by god they're leading it.
  • DaM 5 Nov 2012 10:59:26 17,041 posts
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    Rab's got bigger fish to fry now.
  • jellyhead 5 Nov 2012 11:13:51 24,346 posts
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    @DaM He's always loved wrestling. Great stuff and good on him :)
  • SuperCoolEskimo 10 Nov 2012 04:59:09 11,283 posts
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    Just caught up with all this after reading this

  • sear 14 Nov 2012 01:18:08 1 posts
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    Turns out that their French reviewer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is an ex Activision PR manager. Conflict of interest? What's that?

    Thanks for proving you are corrupt to the core, Eurogamer.
  • Baleoce 14 Nov 2012 01:22:38 1,188 posts
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    This has already been covered in a separate thread. Each division of EG works on independent editorial policies. Whereas they can recommend an ideal system to others, they can't enforce those policies on EG.fr. They are just partners.

    Mugwum wrote:
    Hey guys,

    As people have said, the EG.net review of Black Ops 2 will be a few days late. This is because we decided not to attend the review event Activision hosted for it while we were still figuring out how we wanted to approach such events in future. Thanks for your patience while we get caught up.

    In answer to those who have mentioned the Eurogamer France review, that came as a surprise to us in the UK too.

    For those confused about how Eurogamer.fr's review can be possible after the new editorial policies I wrote about on Friday, our European sites (Eurogamer.fr, .de, etc) are all operated by independent editorial teams and it's up to them whether they want to adopt the same working practices we have. In the same way we don't tell Rock Paper Shotgun or VG247 what to do with their sites (even though we are partnered with them in similar ways), we want the editors of those local editions to make their own decisions about editorial conduct.

    With that said, I shared our plans with all the European editors before we pulled the trigger and have been in discussions with many of them since then about whether they want to do similar things. Obviously if we were talking about Eurogamer.net then that review would contravene our policies, specifically the one we clarified last week that goes like this: "Staff and contributors may not write about a company they have worked for in any capacity within the last two years."

    Anyway, we obviously decided on that rule for a good reason, and notwithstanding the stuff I've said above, we're in contact with the French team to share our views about it.


    UPDATE 14:53: I've spoken to the boss of Eurogamer France and he tells me that the review was commissioned before he got to see Eurogamer.net's new policies last week, which meant that they couldn't be considered before the review was commissioned. I shared them late Thursday, so that makes sense.

    The editor is going to add a disclaimer to the review making the author's circumstances clear, and in addition to that they are planning to do a separate review of the PC version written by another writer to help settle any of their readers' lingering concerns.

    This is the latest I have although they are still in the process of sorting this stuff out, so if it's not apparent on their site immediately then please bear with them a little longer.

    As I said on Twitter, we'll use this as an opportunity to have a broader discussion about how we work with our European partner sites and how we share and act on editorial guidelines. As ever, thank you for your patience as we try to do this stuff better. I promise we won't stop talking about it and won't brush things under any carpets, however inconvenient that may be for us in practice.
  • mrharvest 14 Nov 2012 05:19:18 5,463 posts
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    I appreciate EG clarifying their policy. They've taken a measured approach to this.
  • Deleted user 16 November 2012 17:31:16

    They didn't mention the 66% it got in PC Gamer.
  • psychokitten Moderator 16 Nov 2012 17:55:51 7,795 posts
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    They're the worst :/
    The reviews are encouraging!
    This totally isn't advertising!
  • Whizzo 16 Nov 2012 18:00:03 44,765 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    MCV being a trade paper aren't going to talk up negative reviews though are they?
  • orpheus 16 Nov 2012 18:38:57 1,848 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago

    Interesting take on things.
  • Tonka 17 Nov 2012 07:26:44 27,491 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    I like how they used an X instead of the tired old ks. Makes them look so suave.
  • morriss 17 Nov 2012 07:33:57 71,290 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Disagree with all of that. Political journalists love politics.
  • morriss 17 Nov 2012 07:36:40 71,290 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    This is now compounded by the fact that my comment to the article has been deleted.
  • Deleted user 17 November 2012 07:59:52
    I can still see it. I even gave it a +1. Unless you're referring to a previous comment?
  • morriss 17 Nov 2012 08:25:07 71,290 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Strange, it's reappeared.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 17 Nov 2012 08:31:25 47,491 posts
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    Huh, I had morriss on ignore. I didn't even realise I could put people on ignore!
  • Tonka 17 Nov 2012 08:56:51 27,491 posts
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    I agrre with morriss disagreement. Reads like they are worried they'll have to pay for their own Doritos in the future.
  • Deleted user 23 November 2012 13:23:31
    This is the saddest thing about the whole affair.

    Great article by Rab which will be read by less people now :(. Need more articles like this.

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  • AcidSnake 23 Nov 2012 13:29:49 7,927 posts
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    Cheers for the heads-up, good article indeed...
  • Deleted user 23 November 2012 13:32:43
    Np. Yup, it's very good, sad it will no longer get the coverage these kind of articles deserve :(.

    Always needs to be someone asking questions.

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  • Tonka 23 Nov 2012 13:34:48 27,491 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Kickstarter is a weird place no doubt. I do think we're better off with it than without though,
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