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  • redalien 7 Nov 2012 21:53:32 21 posts
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    JinTypeNoir wrote:
    Has anyone mentioned Shifting World yet? I believe it was originally was a web game, but it also has a much expanded 3DS version, so I think it should count, because unless something happens in the later levels that I don't know about its all in black and white.

    Also what about Echochrome's spiritual prequel Intelligent License? That game had a grey man, a black world and gray-scale blocks with very little color elements.

    The most notable old game I can think of is The Fool's Errand, an old and legendary PC puzzle game. You may think it was made in black and white because of limitations, but it seems like it was a lucky accident and the creator liked it so he made it purposely that way and didn't like the later color editions that popped up.

    There are two Japanese classics that were intentionally black and white even in the 80s. The first is the visual novel The Dome about an apocalypse and survival, and the second, is Give My Love to Casablanca - Murder Transcends Time, a time traveling murder mystery adventure game.

    As for games that are partially in black and white, N's levels are in gray tones with its level elements only occasionally in color and Kingdom Hearts II's Steamboat Willie stage The Timeless River is notable as well, because just about everything is in black and white.
    wow, thanks for the input!

    someone already mentioned Shift series, Shift Extended on PSP. but thanks- will mark this game as a series, not a single title only.

    Intelligent license - besides one video on youtube, which, I gather, was recorder in B+W, other media I saw about it was in colour (plenty of colours judging by screens)
    (heh, but first time when I saw the video I thought - hehe, now I know from where Catherine got its puzzle gameplay's roots)

    I am now cagey of adding really old games to the list as it is a bit easier to put more contemporary games into paper, because, if not specifically mentioned it's a tad harder to find out if the game was supposedly meant to be in B+W or because of the technical limitations. (that's just this time is not the case for the study). But thanks - as I checked Fool's Errand anyway!

    And I am bad at finding those old Japanese games you mentioned.

    Will add N+ and Kingdom Hearts 2 (Steamboat Willy seems to be a popular reference), as the former one was discovered by myself today when I went through all of the XBLA games (490 of them XD)!

    thanks again!
  • redalien 7 Nov 2012 22:14:36 21 posts
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    pinebear wrote:
    May have been posted in one of the other response threads, red, but there's a category list on Giant Bomb which may give you some ideas
    wow! thanks a bunch! (hehe, judging by the list, all of your input and today's visual checkup of all the XBLA titles would fill in for half of the list)
  • redalien 7 Nov 2012 22:53:35 21 posts
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    hmm - dunno what to do with these findings of today from XBLA's marketplace :

    -Outland (and you mentioned it today too) - well, black is there, but it is so colorful I don't think it would qualify, as it is not at its foundation "B+W + colors", but all together at the same time and no "white" part in sight.

    - Insanely twisted shadow planet- same for this - it has a foundation of black (whole shadow planet thing being as a an environment and an enemy at the same time), but no mention of "white" part,which is basically replaced with all the other colors.

    - War of the Worlds - well, this one of 3 is more closely to the idea of B+W (let's just call it like that) as a foundation but adding some colors on top of it, but still not sure.

    PS. I am not including Ikaruga 'cause well- it's gameplay is based on collecting light (bluish) and dark (redish), and not exactly B+W. Love that thing (concept), but this thing I am doing is more about visuals and interpreting B+W visual theme into gameplay (deBlob/Saboteur - world from gray colorless into full of color etc., or game going gray when certain things happen - like HP is low in some L4D, or time freeze feature of Timeshift/Fable ) in one or other way or purely cosmetically (visual filters for RE5/Uncharted etc.).
  • ray 11 Nov 2012 06:48:51 685 posts
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    Haven't seen Home uses orange and black but I guess it still qualifies if you're doing that kind of research.

    JayIG has a short description of three of them (disclaimer: I worked on ButaVX).

    Line Rider was a huge hit a few years back (the main character's scarf was red though).

    Edit: Just remembered Hero Core myself but I've heard good things about them.

    There was one other horizontal shooter done in black and white that I can't remember the name of, I'll probably remember it in a few days.

    (I actually wrote this post a few days ago but forgot to post it, heh.)

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  • redalien 14 Nov 2012 14:24:06 21 posts
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    will definitely add some of those to the bunch! Thanks a lot!
    (already writing the paper, but one can always add more stuff if it belongs there XD)
  • Popzeus 14 Nov 2012 14:46:03 8,425 posts
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    Wot no World of Warcraft? The game goes into monochrome when you're dead and have to walk back to your corpse to resurrect. During which time you're meant to be in the "spirit world", you can only see the scenery and other ghosts, all in B&W.
  • redalien 14 Nov 2012 17:10:59 21 posts
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    ou, another multimillion big title missed... Thanks!
  • FogHeart 14 Nov 2012 17:12:52 1,249 posts
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    Let's see, Uncharted goes monochrome near death, Fatal Frame III goes monochrome when you are close to an enemy that will kill you if you touch her near the game's end, and Dead Island uses monochrome with highlighted red zombies during Fury mode.
  • redalien 14 Nov 2012 23:06:57 21 posts
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    @FogHeart hahah - the thing is... I had been playing Dead Island recently (purchased during haloween special on STEAM), played ~4h (if steam statistics are to be trusted)and...never ever used Fury mode, not once - had no need XD I am just... (facepalm XD)

  • Gaol 15 Nov 2012 01:40:09 3,326 posts
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    The wiiware game Bit Trip Beat reverts to black and white while you underperforming/close to death.
  • FogHeart 15 Nov 2012 11:38:05 1,249 posts
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    Looks like when a game imposes monochrome on you, you are in danger of dying/losing, when you intentionally invoke a mode that's monochrome, it's associated with heightened ability. In both cases enemies and important objects may be coloured. If everything is just plain monochrome, it makes things harder as enemies and objects are harder to distinguish from the background. It's a simulation of 'blacking out', where senses are diminished. But when objects and enemies are coloured, it's actually easier to discern thing-of-note from background-clutter, hence perceptions are heightened rather than diminished.

    There. I want co-authorship :p
  • Mola_Ram 15 Nov 2012 11:50:27 17,579 posts
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    There was a level in Plok that was black and white.
  • sickpuppysoftware 15 Nov 2012 13:17:56 1,460 posts
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    The intro to one of the races in the latest Need for Speed starts in black and white before becoming colour. Another starts red and black.

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