Stalker-Online Come all, the new game 2010-2012 year.

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    I welcome all adventure lovers. If you wish to participate in the testing of the game "Stalker online"


    and download the game client:

    Once registered on the forums to create a game account as a personal account.

    We will be glad to see you.

    A brief digression: Until recently, full-fledged game was in Russian. But now functioning server-oriented English-speaking players. The link is provided above. This game client still needs some work in terms of translation. But the main points have already adapted to the English language. The game world is heavily populated players from different countries: England, France, USA, Poland, Germany, Korea, and many others. In addition to the FPS part of the game there is an element of RPG games. As the assignments will gain experience: Combat skills, survival skills, support skills. The development of these branches gives a variety of skills to help the player.

    The game world is currently composed of:

    1. Lubich:
    Appearing at the railway station you start to get acquainted with the game (it is a city beginners). Perform tasks, and when you decide that they are willing to go beyond the walls of the city refer to the courier. Courier will give you a task to replace the radio lamps 3 checkpoints. After performing corrupt guard release you for money.
    If you do not want to bribe the protection, you can leave this place after going underground House of Culture.

    2. Lubich forest: This is the second location in size superior start. Here, many stalkers spend most of the time playing. Many stalkers believe that the main location. There is the base groups, various anomalous fields, dungeons, swamps, forests. Collect artifacts, perform tasks. Here you can find both friends and enemies. A lot depends on you.

    3. Vesuvius: The location is designed for experienced stalkers are not afraid of dangers.

    4. Volcano: Located inside the location "Vesuvius" is a place of occurrence is very rare and valuable artifact. You must be very careful. Because apart from you is a place visited by the other players and the right to possess this rare artifact ready to wage war.

    5. New Earth:
    The cold, not friendly land inhabited by ferocious beasts. Nature itself against you. But having studied the land you'll understand why veterans often go here.

    6. Tunguska:place meteorite. Not many people decide to travel here alone. After leaving the New Earth may seem that this area just children play area. But do not be fooled! This place is on the generous gifts. But those who neglect their own safety that player Tunguska punish severely.

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    Hi strelok051, how is you attempt to cash in on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R name doing chum?
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    I can see someone needing a legal advise help line
  • Deleted user 8 November 2012 13:19:25
    I'm a big fan of online stalking so glad to see my interests are shared.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 8 Nov 2012 13:32:32 47,493 posts
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    One of your guys has already created a thread about this. Don't spam the forum or I'll ban the lot of you.
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