Steelseries Shift (Legally, how do I stand)

  • MattBlack 3 Dec 2012 16:52:18 3 posts
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    "Although the concept is the same, the SteelSeries Shift is superior in every way, shape, and form to the original ZBoard" Blah Blah Blah.

    So after my Zboard died and still having a dozen keyset why not upgrade. Before I do that check their site that they are going to support my old keysets ....Check
    And check the Shift box got age of empires keyset on it Own it ....Check
    Now being a PC gamer wait for Driver update and wait and wait and....
    Send them email, to which they reply "passed it on to our technical department"

    That was six months ago so if there not going to support it can I send it back and get my money back, at the least for false advertising on there own box.
  • SuperBas 3 Dec 2012 17:44:49 1,674 posts
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    Have you tried contacting them again? Try to sound friendly, being a dick to customer support never gets things done.

    I always thought these were just a stupid gimmick, and you are better of buying a decent mechanical keyboard when you get your money back.
  • Dirtbox 3 Dec 2012 18:41:44 90,176 posts
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    Post deleted
  • Pompeybear 4 Dec 2012 08:37:41 455 posts
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    @MattBlack I have a zboard I am just about to change as I have stopped using the keysets if you are interested?
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