London Gamers

  • tpsou 4 Dec 2012 21:25:11 146 posts
    Seen 3 months ago
    Registered 7 years ago
    So I'm moving to London in a couple of weeks, anyone meet up with other people regularly for gaming? I've seen some geekpub meetups at the Trocadero and will go along to those, but would like to actually get a chance to do some LAN parties and things.
  • andytheadequate 4 Dec 2012 21:39:02 8,980 posts
    Seen 1 week ago
    Registered 7 years ago
    Worst chat up line ever
  • DaM 4 Dec 2012 22:11:57 17,060 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    Is this gaming or another of those gay orgy threads? I'm still not right after that so-called "Dreamcast Owners" meet. I couldn't sit down for a week. Imaginative use of a VMU though.
  • tpsou 4 Dec 2012 22:16:06 146 posts
    Seen 3 months ago
    Registered 7 years ago
    Damn, rumbled. Ah well, I suppose we could just play PC games instead.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 4 Dec 2012 22:18:16 47,491 posts
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    Registered 15 years ago
    "Welcome to the London meet! Now get in the van..."
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