Win XP - Apps missing from right-click context menu

  • boo 7 Dec 2012 11:15:01 13,448 posts
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    Got a new work machine this week, to replace my old one, which was out of the ark.

    We're still using XP, ahead of a major rollout to Win 7.

    Had various snagging issues, and one of them is when I right click on the desktop or in a folder,and choose New, I get options for a text doc, bitmap image etc, but not a Word doc, Powerpoint or Excel spreadsheet, all of which are installed.

    Anyone know how to update that right click menu?

    Bearing in mind, of course, that it's a work machine, and there are many functions that are locked down, so I'm not going to be able to do any registry hacks etc

    For those wondering, yes I have spoken to our helpdesk support guys, but they're busy and I suspect this is waaaay down their list of priorities.

  • Deleted user 7 December 2012 11:17:11
    Can't you just open word and make a new file you lazy git?
  • boo 7 Dec 2012 11:23:40 13,448 posts
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    Well yes, I could, but the fact remains it worked better then old way.

    But I thank you for your valuable contribution.
  • nickthegun 7 Dec 2012 11:30:23 73,597 posts
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    It will be a deliberate restriction to avoid putting anything into the shell, so no.
  • Deleted user 7 December 2012 11:31:25
    "apps" ugh
  • mrpon 7 Dec 2012 11:32:01 34,372 posts
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    So you want a longer workaround?
  • Deleted user 7 December 2012 11:53:17
    @boo I really hope you looked on Google before asking here.
  • Salaman 7 Dec 2012 12:06:15 23,053 posts
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    Google says this
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