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  • Samildanach 1 Jan 2021 13:55:48 523 posts
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    I'm currently playing back through the original Dark Souls (Remastered version) and still have been dying multiple times on most bosses (that is until I upgraded my Zweihander to +9). Asylum Demon and Pinwheel obviously are very easy and Moonlight Butterfly was a kill first time, but by the skin of my teeth. The rest all gave me a bit more of a challenge so far, though nothing like the battles of Bloodborne.

    I've been trying to work out why a lot of the DS2 bosses are easier and i think it comes down to the number and variation of attacks, as well as their specific timings. The DS2 bosses often will string between 1 and 3 attacks in a row then pause. The timings between those attacks will often be the same so they are quite easy to predict and quick to learn. The later dlc bosses like Fume have a bigger selection of possible attacks, which come at a a variety of timings and can be more than three swings.
    Bloodborne pushed this further with deliberate delays in attacks as well as faster ones thrown in. Also they can string 6 or more attacks together in a row, but also have the ability to switch out of said string if you are out of range. The likes of Beast Possessing Soul is a good example of what comes across as one of the game's most generic and basic bosses, but still will mess me up as I can't easily predict his moves like I can DS2 bosses and his string of up to six attacks in a tight space kills me more often than l can quite believe...and he is one of the easy ones.

    The Dark Souls bosses don't have the repertoire of the Bloodborne bosses, but are more varied than the DS2 bosses so if you learn to beat one, those same tactics won't transfer as easily to the next. Demon's Souls again has that distinct variation (almost gimmicky) in boss styles so each has to be learnt in their own way. That's my take on it anyway.
  • Bichii 1 Jan 2021 14:52:51 4,214 posts
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    Just completed it again. Definitely the easiest soulsbourne last boss. I always found all the last bosses really hard at first except this ds2 one. The double boss just before the final boss is much harder. I remember thinking I would never beat Gwen? at the end of ds1 then I learnt if you parry him he becomes trivial. Similar with gerham? although he doesn't become trivial he is way easier when you start using your gun. Sword Saint, I've beaten him three times I think and I still think he is nearly impossible.

    Checked my saved file.
    My last run was lvl 175 with all dlc done 49hours.
    This one without the dlc done was lvl 147 23hours.

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