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  • BravoGolf Moderator 10 Dec 2012 14:34:37 12,771 posts
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    Hey Doomspoon, sent you a PM
  • SClaw 10 Dec 2012 14:48:16 826 posts
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    This is a rough case butÖ you do get what you pay for.

    There is a reason TalkTalk are dirt cheap; theyíre shit. You canít expect a five star meal for Maccies pound saver prices. Iím not saying that their behaviour and mistake are in any way acceptable Ė it isnít Ė but it is somewhat understandable that they donít particularly care about you as an individual customer on that basis.

    I use Zen, who cost three times as much as anyone else but I get no hassle with my service and on those occasions when Iíve had to speak with them about something I can practically feel their lips on my ass.

    Broadband and phone services are like breathing these days; you donít even think about it when it works, so who youíre with is largely irrelevant (or just based on cost and nothing else). But when a problem occurs it suddenly matters, and that aftercare service is really what youíre paying for Ė just as much as that service itself.
    If nothing happens then the TalkTalk subscriber is the winner; theyíre getting pretty much the same service (day to day anyway, obvious there are restrictions on your service) for less money. If there is a problem, then you lose because youíre just going to get the pound shop service in return for your bargain package.

    Itís not pleasant; but it is reality.

    Now Iíve given you a lecture Iíll give you a tip; call the new subscriber line rather than the support one.

    People signing up new subscribers Ė and not dealing with problems all day Ė are largely more pleasant and helpful. You might have to fake having rung the wrong number a little, or being confused, but nine times out of ten you can convince them to push you on to someone actually helpful rather than a first line support numpty. It doesnít hurt them to be nice to you, and they probably have the ability to push you past the queues (and, sometimes, maybe even to the right person if you luck out and get someone who knows the system). Iíve done this with British Gas loads of times in the past when trying to deal with billing issues. Donít be afraid to try this a few times if your first attempt fails (itís just an issue of getting the right person on the line sometimes).

    Pro-Tip: Never ask for a supervisor without explaining why. Having run a call centre (shut upÖ I needed the money!), I know that agents usually just grab one of their mates and make them pretend to be a supervisor, because requesting a supervisor usually means you want them to get a bollocking. If you really want to talk to one, just lie and say you were previously talking to one (make up a name, or pretend you forgot it) and that they told you to call back and ask for a supervisor in the future because only they could help you. And remember, be polite; never hurts.

    Youíre wasting your time with Ofcom, on the other hand. They wonít solve your immediate problem, but will simply start an inquiry or something. Probably not even that. Ofcom have no teeth.
  • Destria 10 Dec 2012 15:04:43 2,862 posts
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    One thing that might be worth doing (and which is always good if you really are getting to the "brick wall" stage with a large organisation) is getting the Directors' addresses from Companies House.


    It might even be their home address (if they decided to use that as their main contact address), but it's the way to write to them anyway.

    Might cost a few quid though
  • Sponz 10 Dec 2012 15:11:58 700 posts
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    Seriously, just ring your local Trading Standards office, and follow up with a call to OFCOM.
  • SClaw 10 Dec 2012 15:25:46 826 posts
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    Sponz wrote:
    Seriously, just ring your local Trading Standards office, and follow up with a call to OFCOM.
    This is terrible advice from a person who doesnít know what either of these bodies are for and has never tried to complain about anything. No offense, but people spit up that line constantly and itís just rot. TSI and Ofcom don't help people directly.

    Trading Standards regulate local trade standards. Ringing your local trading standards is pointless, because TalkTalk arenít physically there. Even if they were, theyíre too busy dealing with fake market goods and dodgy CDs to hear about your TalkTalk problems. They may take your compliant down but then itíll go into someoneís filing tray for the rest of time, only being discovered when the sun explodes in a couple of million years.

    Ofcom are an industry regulator who regulate all communication industries in the country; by that alone it should be obvious that they are not personally going to help fix an urgent problem. They will file a report, theyíll write some letters and they may eventually put a black mark against TalkTalk but thatís it. Youíll have achieved nothing at all but hurting their public stats, maybe, a little. But absolutely do this AFTER youíve sorted the problem out (apart from in some very specific cases, such as unfair charges or penalties - that's a different thing).

    You have to be realistic about the kind of help you can get. These bodies are not there to wipe your ass for you.

    If you get really stuck the only people whoíll seriously go out of their way to help you deal with these things immediately are Citizen Advice Ė but getting an appointment with them is a chore all on its own (not their fault, Iíll point out) otherwise youíre on your own.

    It's actually simple; be polite, be clear, be firm and keep a record of everything.
  • Doomspoon 10 Dec 2012 16:11:15 2,894 posts
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    graysonavich wrote:
    I didn't realise talktalk were an American company with a CEO
    Don't shoot the messenger smartarse.

    When I worked with Lloyds TSB quite a reasonable amount of our correspondence was from family members handling a relative's account. It was easy enough to determine which accounts were being referenced.

    I've been signed off long term with PTSD, I don't handle stress well. Big surprise. For those of you making out I'm some sort of retard or something just for a cheap laugh, you're quite pathetic really.

    Thanks for those that have offered helpful input, it's much appreciated.
  • nickthegun 10 Dec 2012 16:13:30 73,518 posts
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    Doomspoon wrote:
    For those of you making out I'm some sort of retard or something just for a cheap laugh, you're quite pathetic really.
    I dont think anyone has done that, chief.
  • Doomspoon 10 Dec 2012 17:47:51 2,894 posts
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    FFS! They've just sent a text saying our welcome package is on the way, we have a new number and the line will be ready in 9 days. I knew they were bad but this a new level of ineptitude surely?
  • Deleted user 10 December 2012 17:53:45
    Exactly. It's annoying but it will sort itself out. It's not like they're charging you thousands of pounds in the process.

    No point getting all defensive aspie over the internet about it.
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