Wii U processing optimisation discussion

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    As we are now aware of possible hurdles with the wii u cpu, how about discussing clever methods around it? With the gpu being so strong, we could partition a segment of the 32mb of gpu ram as 'cache' and blitz this data with the gpu...for example, we know the 360 and ps3 have cache amounts for their cpus, i think the 360 contains 1mb of cache for the entire cpu...we could shave 8Mb from wii u gpu to deal with computationally complex data like physics thereby relieving the cpu of this particular drain...it also works out at 700% more cache than 360 If we treat the data as 'cache' and let the main cpu direct these operations similar to ppe in Ps3 directing spe's...also this could prove very fortituous as this 'cache' is scaleale and the nature of gpus is that they do things in parallel...any suggestions and responses welcome.
  • Deleted user 11 December 2012 00:22:03
    he he
  • Deleted user 11 December 2012 01:54:55
    This is the #1 Wii processing optimisation thread.
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    Fuck you Bremenacht. The other Wii processing thread is shitloads better. It has more comments per cycle and can do out of order comments too.
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