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  • mothercruncher 11 Dec 2012 16:40:49 14,812 posts
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    Google already record your dreams. Speak to them.
  • MetalDog 11 Dec 2012 16:47:36 24,080 posts
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    The running through treacle thing is because you're paralysed while you sleep so that you don't do things like this.
  • Kay 11 Dec 2012 16:48:17 19,528 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Anyone else have dreams where you go through your usual morning routine, but with a slight twist? And then you wake up, realise that was just a dream, and this is reality - only for that to turn out to be another dream?

    Happened to me at least five times in succession a few days back. I usually get that when I have to wake up early for some important task or event, it's like my brain is constantly making me visualise it so I don't forget.

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  • MetalDog 11 Dec 2012 16:53:19 24,080 posts
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    I had a dream once that I woke up for work, it was dark (I worked nights at the time) and I could hear the bath running. None of the lights work. Go into the bathroom, turn off the tap which is really hot from running so long. Head downstairs, look left into the kitchen and see a pair of glowing red eyes in the darkness there.

    Then I wake up and hear the bath running. None of the lights work, etc. Downstairs, red eyes omgomgomg wake up! Bath running...

    That happened three or four times. When I woke up for real, even though I couldn't hear the bath running, I was afraid to check the light in case it didn't come on =D
  • ZuluHero 11 Dec 2012 16:53:26 6,320 posts
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    Paralysed while you sleep?

    And yeah Kay, sometimes. If I'm excited or nervous about something it sometimes plays out in a dream in an almost, but not quite, real-life way.

    Never had it in an Inception-style way like that though! :)

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  • sirtacos 13 Dec 2012 02:44:02 8,018 posts
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    I don't think dreams would be very nice to record and watch.

    They'd be truncated, jumbled-up fragments, and they'd be missing two crucial ingredients that make dreams seem coherent:
    1) your direct involvement at the time (there's more to dreams than images - raw emotions play a huge role, as do our other senses)
    2) your conscious mind filters and organizes dreams after the fact, imposing some kind of order on them which wasn't necessarily there to begin with.

    Dreaming could, in part, be described as your subconscious taking a dump. You take in an enormous quantity of information during the day. Mostly it goes under your radar, but your subconscious eats it all up. When you snooze, it squeezes out that processed mindwaste like an overnight curry.

    Aside from weirdness and confusion, I'm not sure what we could glean from an unedited dream on a screen. I'd sure as hell like to try though.

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  • Deleted user 13 December 2012 02:52:59
    Well, can you put your hands in your head?

    Oh no!
  • sirtacos 13 Dec 2012 02:55:30 8,018 posts
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    I wonder how lucid dreaming (assuming it's a legit thing) relates to all of this, though.

    Surely if your brain can project a simulation solid enough to survive your conscious involvement, there must be more to dreams than the reductive view I posted above.

    Unless the lucidity is just an illusion.
  • L0cky 13 Dec 2012 03:13:37 2,002 posts
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    All the dreams I remember long term are apocalyptic; and they're always great.

    As far as I know you only remember the dream you are having when you wake up, you don't remember the other 5 or 6. Sometimes it feels like you do but they're just disjointed "scenes" from the last dream.

    Lucid dreams where you want to wake up and can't are horrible.
  • Deleted user 13 December 2012 03:25:48
    I've always wondered is the supposed lucidity a function of the dream or vicea versa? My ex used to tell me about how I'd get up to during my 'sleep' and get up to all sorts, which i'd have no recollection of.

    Maybe that's you being lucid and aware of your environment, but your brain is still in partial 'dream mode' and dumping those events out of your memory?
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