End of the Road festival 2013

  • Commander-Keen 14 Dec 2012 11:20:54 915 posts
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    I know a few people on here are interested in music, so thought this could be worthy of a thread. End of the Road have just announced two of the main headliners for this year's festival: Sigur Ros and Belle and Sebastian. You can see a list of the others already signed up here. That will do me nicely.

    For those of you who don't know much about EotR, it's basically a smallish festival with a very friendly vibe. It's a bit of a 6Music crowd with a lot of Bella Union / 4AD type bands. A bit of an older demographic than your Readings and Glastos. I went last year and I think there were about 6000 people there and had an absolutely fantastic time.

    So - anyone else going? Anyone else been in the past? If so, any highlights?
  • Commander-Keen 14 Dec 2012 11:25:22 915 posts
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    Of course, that should be 2013 and not 2012.

    I need to go back to bed...
  • Deleted user 14 December 2012 11:27:19
    A couple of years ago they had mogwai and midlake, with husky rescue i think. Wish i went! really would love to see sigur ros again though, are more bands going to be announced?
  • Venatio Features Manager, Gamer Network 14 Dec 2012 11:27:38 4,670 posts
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    I have some friends who have been and really enjoyed it. I'd like to go one year but it's a bit too close to the expo. :(
  • Commander-Keen 14 Dec 2012 11:30:54 915 posts
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    EotR and the sister festival No Direction Home are both fantastic. @Joelstinton Midlake played again last year and were lush as usual. Best time I ever saw them was supporting the Flaming Lips at Hammersmith Apollo about seven years ago.

    @Venatio - the timing of the festival is a bit of a pain. My wife's a teacher and is wringing her hands about going as it's too close to the start of term. I've got her a ticket anyway. If you ever get the chance, I'd really recommend it though - it's such a refreshing experience compared to most festivals I've been to (and being in a band myself, I've been to a few!). The beer's good, the food is excellent, things are cheap and there's just no aggro either. Helps that the music's great too...
  • Venatio Features Manager, Gamer Network 14 Dec 2012 11:38:10 4,670 posts
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    Yeah I don't think it's going to happen, sadly. :(

    I was going to go to Green Man but I think that may be too close as well. Still, I have Glastonbury to look forward to (unless we schedule Rezzed for the week after), Festibelly and maybe Secret Garden Party.
  • Lukus 14 Dec 2012 11:43:01 21,195 posts
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    I went 2010 I think it was when Fleet Foxes were headlining. It was really good, nice friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I much prefer the smaller festivals. Green Man festival was good in that respect too, but the constant rain was exhausting.
  • Commander-Keen 14 Dec 2012 11:47:36 915 posts
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    @joelstinton Sorry forgot to reply to this in my previous post (office Christmas party last night!) yeah, it's a three day festival with a tonne of bands and they tend to announce the full line up much closer to the time. As a flavour, last year the bands they had were:

    Lanterns on the lake
    Jonathan Wilson
    I Break Horses
    Beach House
    Jeffrey Lewis
    Tinder Sticks
    Mark Lanegan
    Graham Coxon
    Patti Smith
    Anna Calvi
    The Antlers
    First Aid Kit
    Dirty Three
    Alt J
    Alabama Shakes

    Basically, if you're into your indie / alt type stuff, there'll be something there for you!

    @Lukus - yeah, we were pretty lucky with the weather last year as it only rained for one morning, but I can imagine it's a bit of a damp squib otherwise!!
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