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  • Deleted user 26 December 2012 00:53:55
    Or an unfertilised egg.
  • JonFE 26 Dec 2012 01:49:27 1,790 posts
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    Psychotext wrote:
    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    There are about 10 tiny babies in Intensive Care in Belfast Royal, some way more sick at the moment than my boy and those girls are working away on Xmas day like its any other day, with a huge smile on their faces.
    A big thumbs up to them. Must be a hell of a tough job.
    Actually, it is. My brother-in-law works in a IC unit for premature babies and some of the cases he treats are really heart-breaking and truly rewarding when the little ones return home with their parents, safe and sound. So, three big cheers for them!
  • wogsy81 26 Dec 2012 01:50:36 761 posts
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    cubbymoore wrote:
    wogsy81 wrote:

    a grow your own girlfriend

    Blow up doll?
    No, i bloody wish.

    It was this novelty thing you put in water and leave t for a few days, one of these Description_here

    My sister bought me it, the cow. haha, it is pretty funny actually.

    I've had it sat in a glass of water since 9am this morning and allready its grew a fair bit.
    I cant wait till it becomes a shaggable size.
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