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  • mrpon 27 Dec 2012 22:04:12 34,304 posts
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    nickthegun wrote:
    Again, its probably a different story if you are massively henpecked and arent allowed on the big telly, but the only decent games recently are also available on big boy consoles.

    Theres just nothing that makes a compelling case for it other than some tutti fruiti JRPGS.
    Can you not ask her if you can have another telly?
  • nickthegun 27 Dec 2012 22:10:48 73,354 posts
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    My pimp hand is way strong, thats why I havent bought a vita game in months.
  • elstoof 27 Dec 2012 22:42:38 19,828 posts
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    Rose-of-Sorrow wrote:
    the PS3/4 and Vita combo has the potential to better the Wii U.
    Which will never, ever be tapped. Did anyone ever play those plug-your-gameboy-into-GameCube zeldas? No. Nintendo tried for years to get that kind of shit off the ground, they eventually realised you need to put them in the same box to get stuff made for the TV-plus-screen in hand set up. Can you see a ps3 game with the sticker {requires PSVita X2} selling more than a handful of copies?
  • Syrette 27 Dec 2012 22:59:08 49,802 posts
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    GitSomE_UK wrote:
    I'm with the can't understand it brigade. Just how much do you want extra for it? Looking at what people have posted for 2013 there appears to be plenty on the horizon.

    Here's a list of upcoming games posted in another thread by HiddenAway:

    HiddenAway wrote:
    I've done some quick changes to the upcoming release list. Here's how it's looking.

    ! Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection - 20th February 2013
    ! Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time - February 2013 (CB/CS)
    ! Persona 4: Golden - February 2013
    * Retro City Rampage - January 2013 (CS/YOPO)
    * Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee - February 2013

    ? Ragnarok Odyssey - Early 2013
    ? Dokuro - Early 2013
    ? Let's Fish: Hooked On - Early 2013
    ? Snapshot - 2013 (CS)
    ? KickBeat - 2013
    ? Corpse Party: Book of Shadows - 2013
    ? Orgarhythm - 2013
    ? Sumioni: Demon Arts - 2013
    ? Rainbow Moon - 2013 (possible CS)
    ? Killzone Mercenary - 2013
    ? Tearaway - 2013
    ? Dragon's Crown - 2013
    ? Guacamelee - 2013
    ? Soul Sacrifice - 2013
    ? Warrior's Lair - 2013 (CP/CS/YOPO)
    ? Putty Squad - Whenever
    Now the above is by no means terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if there's 1 or 2 classics in there (Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice are the two I'm most keen on). There's a few games on there that I know little about and hopefully 1 or more of those will turn out to be something I'll like. There's also a few niche titles there, a couple of spin-offs that could go either way (let's be honest, Wipeout and Uncharted aside, Vita spin-offs for franchises such as CoD, Resistance and Assassin's Creed haven't been great).

    Now the rest of the line-up for next year will likely include unlisted/unknown titles, and a number of ports/multiformat games.

    My problem is that I've basically committed myself to just two titles.

    This will differ for everyone and as has been alluded to, a lot depends on your work/living situation when it comes to portable hardware with the power of the PSV. If you've got a busy home life and can't use the TV much, then the Vita will have added value. If you travel a lot for work/stay in hotels, then the Vita will have added value. If you indeed simply prefer lying on your sofa with a portable console in your hands, then the Vita will have added value.

    I don't travel far for work (I walk there now). I don't have kids so don't have to worry about sharing a screen/not having time to myself. If there's a multiformat title out there such as the latest Need for Speed then I'll always get it for the home console as I'd rather play it on that. It's the 'full' game, it's on a bigger screen, there are more control options, better online experience etc.

    There is no reason for me to be interested in multiformat games/ports on the Vita and so a large amount of the line-up is of little interest to me. When you add that to the fact that there isn't a lot on the horizon that is exclusive to it and that I'm not cynical about (Killzone Mercenary, I'm looking at you), you see my issue. The console itself is superb, I'm full of admiration for the job Sony have done on it and I've not considered selling it at any point. For new owners, there is plenty to play and in the short term at the very least, it's a sound investment.

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  • bracken3000 27 Dec 2012 23:05:24 534 posts
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    So would you say the games for the PS3 for the amount of time it has been about, that it has the high level of games as the PS1 and PS2?
  • Rose-of-Sorrow 27 Dec 2012 23:21:36 572 posts
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    @elstoof Requires a PSVita, no. It would always be optional- that in some ways is better, as developers would likely only develop the vita content where it made creative sense, instead of it being shoe-horned in to every game, regardless of whether it was good or not. The cross-play/cross-save feature is also a good feature.
  • elstoof 27 Dec 2012 23:30:05 19,828 posts
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    So if its an optional thing it can only ever really be a map/inventory or whatever, save a few button presses to get it on the screen. There'll never be a nintendoland or ZombiU type thing released because its hard enough getting things out on just the vita, let alone that even more marginal market for ps3+vita owners who actually wanted a WiiU.
  • Deleted user 28 December 2012 02:16:24

    In terms of production values, raw playability and value I'd say 'yes, absolutely'.

    Absolutely. The PS3 is actually my favourite console of all time (maybe I should take that to the 'unpopular gaming opinions' thread ;). I swapped my PS1 for a SNES in 1999, such was my boredom with it!
  • Widge Moderator 28 Dec 2012 09:15:46 13,859 posts
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    Rose-of-Sorrow wrote:
    @elstoof Requires a PSVita, no. It would always be optional- that in some ways is better, as developers would likely only develop the vita content where it made creative sense, instead of it being shoe-horned in to every game, regardless of whether it was good or not. The cross-play/cross-save feature is also a good feature.
    Third party developers make games that hit the base level of functionality across all platforms. This is why you see low uptake on Kinect/Move, a general apathy for Wiimote (and aversion to the Plus variant) and scant attention to WiiU's tablet. They will look at the PS3 and Vita and think "what sort of development can I do that gives the greatest return?" they'll look at the market that has both PS3 & Vita that desire cross platform features like the WiiU, realise it is small and thereby low in return of investment, and dedicate scant resources to those features. Sadly these companies are driven by money and not an idyllic creative motive, and this is perfectly fine... but it will mean these features will always remain under developed.

    The only people that WILL take advantage of this feature creatively are those that are paid by Sony to specifically make something for it. So you will be at the mercy of what their coffers can decide to pony up in this respect.


    And I think the Vita is a great machine, desire to own one, but really do not see the PS3/Vita link to be any sort of vague USP for the thing. Not one bit.

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  • Deleted user 28 December 2012 19:21:18
    Tbf even the free copy of uncharted from the sub thing I chucked playing after about 15 mins. Had a look in town today and what utterly dreadful stock was on display about half is available for free on plus.
  • Deleted user 28 December 2012 19:23:22
    At this point I'm hoping for a full blown hack on it that will allow emus and ps1 isos but I'm not even sure anyone is bothering their arses.
  • atomicjuicer 29 Dec 2012 10:15:04 324 posts
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    Having the vita as a ps3 second screen for games may be more likely than we think from a devs point of view now.

    Explanation: a dev can cash in on all three second screen markets by aiming for wii u gamepad, vita + ps3, Xbox smartglass.

    One game with second screen support -Three platform options.

    I think we may see more maps with pin drops, game chat keyboards, inventory management and "augmented reality" scanning features.
  • redcrayon 29 Dec 2012 10:50:51 4,649 posts
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    I'm not sure about that- aiming at anything that doesn't come in the box massively limits the sales.

    WiiU + PS3/Vita + 360/smartglass is a far, far smaller target audience than

    WiiU+ PS3 (with normal controller) + 360 (with normal controller).

    I know what I'd aim for, and thats just having the touchscreen functionality on a pause screen for the other consoles of a similar power level to the WiiU, much like with Aliens: Colonial Marines. At least then you are aiming at the complete total ownership of the 3 systems combined, not dividing it down to tiny numbers.

    The problem is that the Vita two-screen option with PS3 is for two systems released 6 years apart- the amount of PS3 owners that don't have Vitas is, what, 65m+? Even if they were released at the same time, you would still have the problem of being two expensive games machines, only a small subset are going to own both.

    Vita/Smartglass being used as a second screen will only ever be an add-on feature, not the main selling point of a game, much like Move integration for various Sony stuff like Killzone/Heavy Rain.

    The same goes for cross-play features on PSV/PS3 and the upcoming similar stuff on WiiU/3DS- they are interesting, awesome features but not the main selling point, and the games will need to still work perfectly well without them.

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  • Widge Moderator 29 Dec 2012 13:08:50 13,859 posts
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    Each second screen implementation would be unique to each systems hardware intricacies. Rather than do that, developers will go for the lowest cost implementation. Look at move and kinect, you would have at least expected a load of wii ports for move, but the third party devs just don't want to fund it. Use that as an indication for second screen support.
  • el_pollo_diablo 29 Dec 2012 21:32:44 2,769 posts
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    The lack of Boom Blox for the PSMove is a bit of a disgrace really.

    In more general Sony ill health related matters, I just hope they do pull it all back together. As easy as it is to curse them for their often incomprehensible European release scheduling its even easier to forget just how much they've done for gaming over the past couple of decades.

    Plus they're now *officially* the underdogs of the console race, so it sort of feels like my duty to hope they comeback Rocky style.
  • bracken3000 31 Dec 2012 11:28:38 534 posts
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    The last guardian could be renamed The last game. The PS4 could be well out by the time we see this for the PS3.
    I'm a big fan of the PS1 and PS2 but never took to the latest console.
    Xbox have won this round I feel.
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