Nexus 4 or HTC 8X?

  • sanctusmortis 13 Jan 2013 00:12:13 9,914 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Serious question - I can get both for the same price per month with exactly the same deal. What would people go for? Leaning towards the 8X personally.
  • robthehermit 13 Jan 2013 00:35:08 6,537 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    I've got an 8X, it is lovely. If I had the choice again though, I'd hold out for the Lumia 920.
  • Stranded87 13 Jan 2013 10:03:38 1,789 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Really depends whether you want Android or Windows Phone 8. On paper the Nexus 4 has slightly better specs, but in practice I suspect there's not that much in it.

    As an Android fan and a Nexus 4 owner I'd say get a Nexus 4, but again it really depends on which OS you prefer/like the look of more.

    Android is a lot more open and versatile and with the newer versions (like on the Nexus 4) it's also very slick.

    Windows phone is a lot more locked down and the app store is a lot more limited, but I do love their live tiles and messaging and social network integration are both handled really well imo.

    I've not used the 8X but I reviewed the 8S and it was a thoroughly solid handset and the 8X by all accounts is better. On the other hand the Nexus 4 by and large has better reviews.

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  • byron_hinson 13 Jan 2013 10:18:38 1,526 posts
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    Got both and id go for the nexus 4. Much better app range and something about Windows Phone apps make then all look and feel the same!
  • Tonka 13 Jan 2013 11:55:06 27,850 posts
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    MS are investing serious money making sure that the windows phone apps all look the same.
  • superdelphinus 13 Jan 2013 12:24:47 9,791 posts
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    Registered 13 years ago
    One x+ :)
  • sanctusmortis 13 Jan 2013 14:01:44 9,914 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Cheers guys - stuck getting a new phone via Virgin, who've just got the Nexus 4 but sadly not the One X+ in.
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