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  • kentmonkey 16 Jan 2013 18:01:37 22,543 posts
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    If you're worried about their burgers having horse meat in just buy their sausages instead. They're the dogs bollocks.

    No, really, they're the dogs bollocks.
  • Deleted user 16 January 2013 18:03:02
  • sport 16 Jan 2013 18:18:42 14,218 posts
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    MetalDog wrote:
    Like dogs, their intelligence tends to peak where food is concerned =D
    Even the metal ones?
  • BinaryBob101 16 Jan 2013 18:20:23 26,520 posts
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    sport, do you/they eat horses in SA, or, just zebras and shit?

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  • Salaman 16 Jan 2013 18:20:47 23,035 posts
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    nickthegun wrote:
    meme wrote:
    A quick google suggests that horsemeat was fairly common in the UK right up until WW2.
    We used to eat anything that moved until quite recently. Rabbits were on every table in the country during the war.
    Wait, don't tell me you don't eat rabbits either? I knew horse meat wasn't as common but rabbit? Seriously? So tasty!!
  • X201 16 Jan 2013 18:25:48 18,457 posts
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    nickthegun wrote:
    kalel wrote:

    But that's because we all know that an environmental message is driving it and we don't really believe pollack is as tasty as cod, as if it were, we wouldn't have favoured cod in the first place.
    Up your street, but I read an interview with a birdseye marketing bod who said they couldnt shift Hoki Fingers to save their lives. Then they realised they were high in omega 3 and rebranded them as OMEGA 3 FINGERS, marketed them to panicky parents and now they cant box them fast enough.
    Same with Youngs Fish Stakes.
    They don't label them on the front of the pack as Pollock. People asume they're Cod and buy them, but won't buy them if advertised as some strange fish they're unsure of.
  • disusedgenius 16 Jan 2013 18:25:56 9,068 posts
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    Full of annoying, sharp bones and shot, mind. Is just game-y chicken at the end of the day.

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  • Deleted user 16 January 2013 18:27:20
    I'd also be wary of eating a food that rhymed with "bollock" too.

    "On tonight's menu you have the choice of sirloin steak or grilled shitball terrier"
    "I'll go for the sirloin"
  • Deleted user 16 January 2013 18:28:05
    That being said, faggots are delicious.

  • DaM 16 Jan 2013 18:35:40 17,060 posts
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    MetalDog wrote:
    Fois gras isn't very humane to us either way though, it's fat central.

    I never got over school liver, mind. I'd imagine nothing ruins liver like 1970's school liver with overcooked cabbage and concrete-like mash.
    Fois gras is nothing like liver...it's delicious. Evil but delicious! I found a 5 years out of date jar of it just before Christmas, and had to eat it.

    If you want mutton, try a halal butchers.
  • nickthegun 16 Jan 2013 18:44:00 73,305 posts
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    meme wrote:
    That being said, faggots are delicious.

    Its no wonder the lad in orange looks a bit shell shocked. His name is doody and he is advertising faggots.

    His parents might as well have driven him to school and punched him in the face themselves.
  • sport 16 Jan 2013 18:57:05 14,218 posts
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    BinaryBob101 wrote:
    sport, do you/they eat horses in SA, or, just zebras and shit?
    No horses or zebras mate. Stuff like wild buck, ostrich, crocodile, wild boar can be bought but tbh, it's mostly just the usual livestock, same as here.
  • neilka 16 Jan 2013 19:08:13 21,199 posts
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    meme wrote:
  • mal 16 Jan 2013 19:26:30 29,326 posts
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    Pollock's a very decent fish with a good texture and to my mind, a better taste than cod. Not as good as fresh haddock, but the smoked stuff is almost identical to smoked haddock. Also, unlike cod and haddock, it's not a threatened species.

    The only thing I have against it is that apparently they've renamed it in Sainsbury's, so you now have to ask for a fillet of colin. Uh?
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