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  • RobAnybody 6 May 2013 17:11:51 1,540 posts
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    Give it a few months to see if all the main problems (bugs, always online, no local saves) are fixed ........ or not.
  • dsmx 6 May 2013 17:19:41 8,230 posts
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    EA has a piss poor record of patching games properly at best you can hope it will be halfway playable in 3 years time.
  • Cosquae 6 May 2013 21:31:02 1,372 posts
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    Given that Maxis are now working full steam it would seem on Sims 4 due out next year, I wouldn't place too much hope on frequent patching.
  • guts 6 May 2013 23:19:30 1,692 posts
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    I thought most of rur bugs were supposed to be sorted now? The always online thing doesn't bother me asking as the servers are coping, and if the servers are coping then does the save system really matter? I assume it saves when you leave the game/city and periodically throughout the game, at important points. Is the game playable and enjoyable generally or are there still bugs that affect the playability?
  • Whizzo 6 May 2013 23:30:01 44,765 posts
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    Interview with the senior producer.

    One thing we are finding out is itís just misinformation a lot of the time. What are perceived bugs are really just, well thatís the way the system is designed, and what we are trying to do is better communicate the design intentions through developer blogs, release gameplay videos and answer questions on the forums. Inform the community a little bit better.
    That's no bug you just don't understand it! I'm sure that makes it alright.
  • RobAnybody 7 May 2013 09:03:14 1,540 posts
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    "Yeah, it's the customer's fault, not ours. Honest guv".


    More discussion on this story here:
  • Kafeen 7 May 2013 09:21:47 565 posts
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    guts wrote:
    I was quite looking forward o buying this game but didn't want to pay £35+ for the base game on release. I can now get the limited edition (heroes and villains) for £34.98 or a standard edition for £27.95. My question is, should I bother?
    There still seems to be quite a bit of negativity over this game, although it does appear to be playable and fun. I am at a crossroads and need some advice over which road to travel.
    Wouldn't bother with Heros and Villains, was disappointed with that. The villains increase crime and piss everyone off. The heros are really expensive are an expensive way of doing what the emergency services do at no cost. Not worth it IMO.
  • Razz 7 May 2013 09:42:09 63,427 posts
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    Simcity update 3.0

    Update 3.0 scheduled for release later this week.
    New: Added more Hotel models to increase hotel variety.
    Traffic: Updated routing system to improve traffic. Routing system now understands more information about u-turns, required vehicle stops, and vehicle behavior on certain road types. This should make traffic smarter.
    Traffic: Commercial and industrial buildings stagger their work shifts to start throughout commute hours instead of at the top of the hour. This should reduce traffic.
    Traffic: Fixes one issue where a car won't move causing traffic to back up behind it.
    Traffic: Vehicles can now make right turns on Red. This should improve some cases of traffic.
    Traffic: Trading polish that will improve regional traffic when one city has a lot of jobs and its neighboring city has a lot of workers.
    Air Pollution: Fixed more issues where cities that placed air polluting buildings received large amounts of air pollution from unknown sources.
    Service Vehicles: Fix for disappearing service vehicles on cities that whose vehicles had disappeared before update 2.
    School Buses: Fix for issue where school buses were getting stuck at neighbor's city or arcology.
    Audio: Tuned audio on French Police Station.
    Trading: Fixed issue where fire servers were not trading consistently between Brakeman's Folly and Twain in Whitewater Valley.
    Trading: Sewage trading: Sewage will now take a more direct route to regional sewage plant instead of throughout the city.
    Trading: Made gifting more reliable.
    Ferry Terminal: Ferry Terminal can now send its sewage to the output pipe and treatment plant.
    RCI Tuning: Fixed issue where sims going to a park via transit would sometimes lose their money or happiness on the way home.
    RCI Tuning: Bulldozing abandoned or rubble buildings will now prevent new developments for 6-12 hours.
    RCI Tuning: Less Happiness is taken from wealth 2 and 3 buildings when rent is due when no money is present.
    RCI Tuning: Fix for issue some users experienced where buildings would stay abandoned because moving trucks would not be able to move in.
    Trees: Trees now last longer, but also do not eliminate as much ground pollution.
    Radiation: Radiation causes less ground pollution than previously.
    Transit: Changed thought bubble suggestion to add more trains to deal with crowded passenger trains to suggest that you add more train stations.
    Transit: Improvements to lights to make rail look better at night.
    Transit: Streetcar stops can now be placed directly on standalone streetcar tracks, and passengers can walk along the tracks to them.
    Transit: Tuned the chance buses or streetcars will go to high-traffic stops first as a minor traffic improvement.
    Roads: University pedestrian paths can now cross streets.
    Manufacturing Trucks: Fixed issue some users experienced where manufacturing trucks left the city and were lost permanently.
    Delivery Trucks: Fixed issue where some users would experience a loss of resources is their delivery trucks returned to garages without proper storage.
    Sports Parks: Tuned the amount of skateboarders and neighborhood athletes at the sports parks.
    Data Layers: Zones are now visible in heavy data layers.
    Edit Mode: Added more valid snap points in edit mode. This improvement is most noticeable on Parks.
    Buildings: Addressed some cases where buildings would stack on one another.
  • THFourteen 7 May 2013 09:53:09 47,906 posts
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    This game doesnt really have anything to make me go back to it TBH.

    Think i'll put it down as £30 wasted.
  • Commander-Keen 7 May 2013 09:57:06 915 posts
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    Brilliant stuff. It's not a bug, its A FEATURE!
  • Deleted user 7 May 2013 11:04:59
  • ronuds 7 May 2013 15:08:16 21,781 posts
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    So if everyone just doesn't understand how the game's supposed to work, what's with all of these giant patches?
  • guts 12 May 2013 18:46:27 1,692 posts
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    It went (just) sub £25 and there was only one left so i bought it. It took about five times as long to patch than it did to download the base game. So far, I'm quite enjoying it, but it is so different to SC4. When I am a bit more used to it I will let you invite me to a region if there are any still going.
  • X201 16 May 2013 19:54:25 18,456 posts
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    And so it begins...

    Amusement Park pack out on May 28
  • superdelphinus 16 May 2013 20:19:01 9,781 posts
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    I can't go back to unless they get rid of the dotted line and make the flipping areas much much bigger I don't think
  • ronuds 16 May 2013 20:27:58 21,781 posts
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    They're going to have to hire more people to fix the bugs that will inevitably arise from the release of the Amusement Park Pack.

    I still haven't been able to find a specially-marked package of Crest, btw.
  • Deleted user 16 May 2013 21:28:11
    Really want to like and play some more of this, but feeling general apathy towards it. The plots are just too bloody small, I cant fit all the things I need for the population I grow to. From above, my city is 50% fire/police stations/hospitals/water treatment and recycling etc. Hardly any room for people it seems, let alone a theme park.
  • guts 18 May 2013 22:51:18 1,692 posts
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    I do agree with the size thing, but this is the only thing really letting it down for me at the moment. I am playing a private region on my own though, so switch from city to city for different types of societies.
  • ronuds 23 May 2013 15:47:48 21,781 posts
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    I'm surprised there are enough people still playing that EA thinks it's worthwhile to continue patching it.
  • Commander-Keen 7 Jun 2013 09:19:56 915 posts
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    Um so, does the new patch fix this yet, or have we stopped caring?
  • X201 7 Jun 2013 09:48:24 18,456 posts
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    Commander Keen wrote:
    Um so, does the new patch fix this yet, or have we stopped caring?
    The Last of Us is out next week.

    Civ V expansion in July
  • Commander-Keen 7 Jun 2013 10:23:45 915 posts
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    Yeah, thought as much.

    Oh well. :p
  • teamHAM 4 Jul 2013 14:26:34 3,777 posts
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    So the commute/traffic system is so fucked that they've just decided to skirt round it all together by putting..... Airships in the game?!?!

  • Randomlampy 16 Aug 2013 10:43:02 580 posts
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    The Humble bundle has made me start up Origin for the first time in ages, and the first thing I see is no copy of Sim City in "My Games". A short amount of google-fu later shows that its not an uncommon occurrence and could be linked to EA apparently blanket deactivating lots of amazon keys (which is where I purchased it) or replacing a hard drive (which I've not done).

    Does it speak ill of me or the game/origin that I'm not even so bothered about spending hours getting to the bottom of this?
  • Deleted user 16 August 2013 11:01:09
    Is this still shit?
  • Rodpad 16 Aug 2013 11:34:50 2,964 posts
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  • Rodpad 6 Sep 2013 13:29:58 2,964 posts
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