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  • AeternoSolus 3 Apr 2013 16:19:45 3 posts
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    Hi everyone,

    I only got Odyssey 3011 a couple of days ago thanks to my mate putting me on to it and it is a really enjoyable game. It has a couple of annoying factors but on the whole you can't got wrong for the price. It is very reminiscent of the original Elite but with quite a few extras included. I like the variety of missions and it looks good. Highly recommended to Elite fans everywhere.

    Now to more serious matters.

    Gruff Wrote:

    Looks fantastic, it will tide me over until Braben's phantom Elite game,
    Gruff your wait (and mine) is nearly over! For those of you who are not aware Elite Dangerous is coming next year. It has been funded by KickStarter to the tune of 1,736,308. This means that under the crowd funding regulations it HAS to be made. No more ghost, vapour or phantom ware stories. It is being produced by the man himself David Braden and his company Frontier. Check it out here.


    It is PC to start but Braden hinted at maybe an Xbox version in the future. I wouldn't hold your breath on that though I just don't get that vibe. Still you never know.

    Cheers all

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  • Odyssey3011 28 May 2013 12:15:07 6 posts
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    @AeternoSolus pleased you're enjoying yourself. You state "...it has a couple of annoying factors...." - i'd love to know what they are.... they might even get fixed
  • AeternoSolus 28 May 2013 12:35:10 3 posts
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    @Odyssey3011 Hi there, haven't played it for a little while but from what I can remember it had no reverse thrust. I found myself crashing into stations in clear the debris missions even at very low speeds. You can skip the launch sequence but not the landing sequence!!! The shield recharge and battery recharge is agonizingly slow, even with the best gear. You are constantly being attacked even in safe systems and get no help from the police. The jump drive won't function with friendly vessels nearby, meaning some approaches to stations take forever.

    That's all I can remember at the moment. Hope this answers your enquiry.
  • Odyssey3011 28 May 2013 12:50:10 6 posts
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    @AeternoSolus - great feedback thanks.
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