Plaform games - are they still popular?

  • Gigifusc 20 Jan 2013 11:18:33 6 posts
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    This is something that I've been looking into recently as we're close to releasing our very own platform game in the next few weeks. But something that's been niggling me is that I'm no longer sure if this is as popular a genre as it once was?

    I grew up playing games of all kinds from the Speccy days and one of my favourite genre's was the platform game. But I can't seem to find too many that have been major successes.

    Is this because really, platform games need a physical joypad to control a character as they jump around? Or is it that mobile gamers these days just don't really like them? Or am I completely wrong and they are still a major force?

    Interested to see your thoughts & comments.

  • Triggerhappytel 20 Jan 2013 14:13:06 2,694 posts
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    I think it's still fairly popular - I was going to mention Fez and Braid and Limbo, but I suppose they're more indicative of platformers having evolved to incorporate puzzle elements or deeper underlying meanings. I think the only one I've played on my phone is Stardash. I do enjoy it but generally don't play mobile games that require a lot of precision like platformers.
  • RyanDS 20 Jan 2013 14:15:23 11,780 posts
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    I think there has been a decent resurgence with some greats like Rayman Origins bringing back the old hard as nails mario type platforming, while stuff like Limbo or Braid are reinventing the genre into puzzle type stuff.
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