Children, PEGI Ratings and Shooter Games

  • RelaxedMikki 23 Jan 2013 22:12:36 2,521 posts
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    What is the Eurogamer opinion on under sixteens playing a shooter game such as Halo?

    Is a first person shooter video-game really worse than a Batman movie, or a Star Wars film, or a Premier League football match, or a junior school playground, or a council estate car park, or an under-twelves football match?

    In terms of the violence, or bad language, or competitive and aggressive attitude of the participants are games judged more severely than other entertainment mediums?

    (I don't want to incriminate myself here. I would never let my children play COD, but they may have seen me playing Skyrim and Halo...)

    EDIT: and when I say "may have seen me playing", I may mean "have completed themselves". For the sake of argument...

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  • neilka 23 Jan 2013 22:14:34 21,199 posts
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    RelaxedMikki wrote:
    What is the Eurogamer opinion on under sixteens
    /calls lawyer
  • Deleted user 23 January 2013 22:20:19
    Depends what it is. Most of the modern shit probably let's you stab people in the neck and gouge eyes out. Hardly the same as cod and the like of old where there was no graphic violence shown.
  • RelaxedMikki 23 Jan 2013 22:22:39 2,521 posts
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    @rodpad Fair enough.

    Can you tell me if the old beaten horse tells me if my 5 year old should stop playing co-op Halo Spartan Ops with me?

  • Ged42 23 Jan 2013 22:23:49 7,985 posts
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    Under 16s should all be banned from playing from playing first person shooters, because they're miles better than me and it's not fair.
  • Deleted user 23 January 2013 22:24:30
    There's not any real reason halo should have a high rating is there? Jet force Gemini is more violent :)
  • mal 23 Jan 2013 22:25:30 29,326 posts
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    I watched the Lego City trailer earlier, and found one of the combat moves to be especially gruesome. I feel I may be getting old.
  • RelaxedMikki 23 Jan 2013 22:28:32 2,521 posts
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    The Lego games are particularly violent.

    It is all shooting and punching people.

    At least in Halo you are shooting and punching aliens.

    (Not sure if that makes it any better myself. But the rating people seem to think it is. Or isn't. Or something.)
  • PazJohnMitch 23 Jan 2013 22:31:59 13,433 posts
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    I would not let my kids play CoD online. More because I do not want them to be brainless, fad following, chavs than anything else. The violence and rating is second but I think it should be an 18.

    Never seen any issues with Halo. For me it should have a 12 rating.
  • bad09 23 Jan 2013 23:16:24 8,214 posts
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    Ratings are not some magical law set in stone and people under that age are doomed to be corrupted if they watch or playing something rated higer than their age ratings are merely guides for parents and a protection for shops so they don't get into trouble.

    If the child has a clear understanding, not only of what they are seeing on screen but also understands the clear different between entertainment and real life then I see no problem whatsoever no matter the game be it Halo, COD whatever. It's all about understanding your child and their mind.

    Sure some parents will just let them have a game without checking it and that is bad parenting but all this young kids being corrupted by violent games is just the same old crap they said about horror movies, comics, rock & roll, even books once upon a time. It's all a cover to hide the ills of society and hide the simple fact that teenagers are bloody horrible people (come on we were all teenagers, we were horrible and you know it!).
  • Rusty_M 23 Jan 2013 23:24:28 6,813 posts
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    I don't think they simply shouldn't play them and that's it. I think parents have to take some real responsibility. Don't just get an 8 year old kid Call of Duty and let him play it on his own. If you're not sure of the content, vet it first. Play it with the kid so you can see how they are reacting to it etc.
  • jonsaan 23 Jan 2013 23:36:08 26,774 posts
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    Understand what your kids are playing and who they are playing with. Applies to things other than video games too. works for me.

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  • Dirtbox 23 Jan 2013 23:56:13 90,176 posts
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    Post deleted
  • ZuluHero 24 Jan 2013 00:02:12 6,318 posts
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    11-16 probably not a problem. 5 years old is probably a bit young. I wouldn't play halo with my 5 year Olof.

    Edit: has your partner said something? This sounds a lot like the type of thing that comes up with my wife ;)

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  • RelaxedMikki 24 Jan 2013 00:05:23 2,521 posts
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    How should I stop my 5 year old playing Halo 4?

    /should have been the tile of this thread

    /he really loves it

    /it's really good
  • ZuluHero 24 Jan 2013 00:17:28 6,318 posts
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    Well if both you and your partner are happy for your five year old to be playing halo, then who are we to say? Only you can decide what's best for your family.

    Personally with my own child, if I see a stimulus affecting her behaviour then I nip it in the bud. For example, my daughter can't play games on school nights or it makes her crazy the next day. If she eats ice cream she goes into overload and hyped up.

    If you're not seeing adverse behaviour or any other issues that give you cause for concern then dont worry about. But please take into account how things that kids see influence them far greater when they are young and the things that you expose them to shapes them as they grow. You can't be there all the time to watch them all of the time and you'll never know if or when they might decide to reenact some battle or scene from the game at playtime and hurt some other child.

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  • RelaxedMikki 24 Jan 2013 00:21:48 2,521 posts
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    That's a very cool answer. Thank you.

    It's kind of like I am trying to make my children understand violent behavior rather than pretending it doesn't exist. maybe...>
  • bad09 24 Jan 2013 00:24:23 8,214 posts
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    I dunno 5 does seems very young even for something as cartoony as Halo but if you are a gamer it's only natural the kids will want a go. How does your child react to it? How is his understanding of the concept of media and entertainment? As ZuluHero says, no one can really decide on what's best for your child except for you so if he is just having fun and understands fully what's on the screen without any ill effects no one else can tell you different.

    If you really think he should stop though just try something else with him instead of playing Halo, introduce something new by playing with him. Doesn't have to be one of these "kids" games my little girl loves stuff like Rayman, Train Sim, Sonic racing even Street Fighter sometimes with it's comical violence (can't play them for shit yet but she likes them! :) ).
  • barchetta 24 Jan 2013 00:36:00 1,695 posts
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    My kids have seen and played Halo 4 together within the confines of: Offline / Forge mode / Weekend only.

    I'm not sure the violence is any worse than watching Marvel Avengers or Iron Man movies - though the fact that games are active and not passive may have some bearing on certification.

    I'm more gratified that via the game they now have a sizeable collection of MegaBloks kit and are more often making stop motion films and writing/drawing Halo inspired guff than playing the game.

    My 9 yr old really wants a Gold membership to try Spartan Ops though... :)

    Oh.. and on a general 'shooter' note. I don't really go for COD et al (since MW1) so they wouldn't be exposed to that franchise (and I wouldn't allow it even if I had the games, I consider them more 'related to the world we live in' and deserving of the higher certification). Far Cry 3 is only ever played once they are in bed too.

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  • DaM 24 Jan 2013 10:51:00 17,058 posts
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    I had a "discussion" with a colleague/mate about this last week. He is a gamer, intelligent, a good parent. I was surprised to hear his 9 yr old plays Halo. I don't let mine. He reckoned the Pegi ratings were for ability and not content!

    Halo "lego" is marketed at the under-10s.
  • Deleted user 24 January 2013 10:54:58
    Halo doesn't have gore, language or sex, don't see the problem. It's not even close to something like COD. It's like the difference between Street Fighter and God of War :D

    Even Metroid Other M is rated 16 for some bizarre reason.

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