Sons of Numenor - Est. 2008. seeks European players!

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    In 2008 I founded “Sons of Numenor” on Landroval server of The Lord of the Rings Online. In five years of existence we’ve had the pleasure of developing a membership that spans the globe and several MMORPG. We have long enjoyed the company of our members in the European time zones. In 2013 we are taking on the challenge of attracting more players in these regions. Size is not our overriding concern as much as wanting to be able to build a thriving and truly global community.

    We are a friendly organization of casual players who have enjoyed a mature and remarkably drama-free community for over five years. We are well known in the LOTRO community, and also have groups in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Trek Online, as well as Guild Wars 2. Sons of Numenor enjoys all play styles from light to heavy RP, raiding, social and other in-game activities, and much more. As a guild we do not put any obligation on our members to be more active than their time and interest allow. We enjoy your company however much or little you are able to offer us. Our website is a central point for all of our members, custom built to support our several games and widespread membership. You can view our forums, YouTube channel, and other ways of learning more about our guild by visiting

    This is not a short-term effort for us, and it is a building project. I say that as fair warning ahead of time. Where we may have 20-35 members online at 11 p.m. EST, there are obviously far fewer playing at that time in your zone. However we have seen the effort start to take root and believe now is the time to openly invite others to join us!

    Folks who enjoy having others to chat with socially, who play solo, or small groups of friends looking for an open and accepting community are warmly encourage to visit our site and join us! You are welcome to bring only alt characters or mains. You may belong to other guilds in addition to Sons of Numenor. We already have members in all time zones and are mirror our European project with another in the Oceanic zones.

    If this sounds like an adventure you might like to be part of, simply visit and start today!
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    Oh joy someone else recruiting for their guild..........
  • Salaman 28 Jan 2013 09:05:20 23,035 posts
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    Well as far as guild recruitment posts go, that's quite a sensible one. I almost feel bad bringing up the dental plan.
  • Deleted user 28 January 2013 09:32:52
    I love teh "Est. 2008" like it's a thing :)

    Bless 'em
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