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  • binky Moderator 29 Oct 2013 14:34:21 10,863 posts
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    Guys, can I ask that you use spoiler tags where necessary when discussing progress. I know a lot of people have already played through but some folk haven't, and others have deliberately tried to forget so that they can play again half-fresh.
  • Deleted user 29 October 2013 14:35:30
    Sorry, will do. do you want me to go through my old posts?
  • neilka 29 Oct 2013 14:36:29 21,199 posts
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    I drilled a hole in my frontal lobes so that I could forget about Tingle.
  • Deleted user 29 October 2013 15:30:01
    Game is so old I never thought of spoilers, good call.
  • Deleted user 29 October 2013 22:59:11
    Spoilers, hope the tags work via the android app.

    All done. Snake ganon is a tosser. Ugh. I dont even want to talk about it.

    Other than that it has been a hugely pleasurable 30 or so hours. One of the best Zeldas, possibly THE best but time is a better judge so ask me in a few years to sew if this or Ocarina is more fondly remembered.

    It has charm by the boatload and graphics that delight. Awesome soundtrack and a brilliant fighting system.

    Had Nintendo not re released this I am certain I would never have went further than the 3 hours I bizarrely clocked up on the original.

    I can understand why some of you wanted to play it again after all this time and also why its shifting a few consoles as there is nothing like it.

    Loved it.

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  • Deleted user 30 October 2013 00:03:45
    So why did you only last 3 hours the first time? Not in the right mood? Different taste back then?
  • Deleted user 30 October 2013 00:08:21
    @rumblesushi Short attention span. Oh look, whats that over there.......
  • Deleted user 30 October 2013 09:37:21
    Did anyone ever have any bother with the gyro controls for the grapple etc?

    I found them a bit 'sticky'. Sometimes I'd be turning the gamepad and the character wouldn't be turning. Wondered if my gamepad was a bit dodgy or maybe the gyro in it just isn't that great.
  • vyseofhr 13 Nov 2013 08:05:10 1,136 posts
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    So I finally opened the Lenzo 'Research Assistant' sidequest last night on my return to Windfall Island looking for pirates who are after the bombs to speak to Jabun.

    During the first mission, where you're waiting for Garickson to post the letter, can this be triggered during that same trip to the island? I remember having the same trouble when I played the game the first time. I positioned myself in every hiding spot I could imagine (very atmospheric with the storms lighting up the islands in the distance) but he never came. In the end I just ended up taking pretty pictographs of the storm. Do I need to come back after speaking to Jabun when the day/night cycle returns to normal?
  • midi82 13 Nov 2013 08:42:55 1,037 posts
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    @vyseofhr Had the same problem You need to wait until the day/night cycle returns.I won't spoil anymore than that
  • figaro7 17 Nov 2013 20:26:58 1,426 posts
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    This is pure class in HD form and i cant believe how good it looks, the game feels fresh 10 years on, that and the fact that i dont remember squat from the cube version helps.
  • vyseofhr 19 Nov 2013 08:01:28 1,136 posts
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    Absolutely tore this game a new one at the weekend, nearly 20 hours spent on it in three days. It really deserves to sell gangbusters and it's a real shame that it's on a failing console.

    Am just up to the one-two punch of the Earth/Wind temples now, and I have found a few triforce pieces before doing so. The Ghost Ship piece is bothering me though, I've sighted it a few times but I can't remember how to get it to not disappear when you attempt to board. I vaguely remember some sort of chart that 'activates' it, but my memory's hazy and I think I need some more time to figure it out. I've also got to say, I'm not half as bothered by the trawl this time either. Sailing is such a total and utter joy that I've barely used any fast travel at all, and still haven't bought the high-speed sail either.
  • Deleted user 19 November 2013 08:06:47
    Yeah man, you need a chart, perhaps skim a guide to jog your memory. The triforce hunt this time is a breeze. 34 hours it took me to finish the game and I loved every minute. Apart from snake ganon who nearly did my head in.
  • Ror 24 Dec 2013 20:53:17 17,355 posts
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    Well, balls. I was halfway through the Temple of the Gods and had a power cut. I can't remember when I last saved.

    Merry bloody Christmas!

    Actually, I think it's called the Tower of the Gods, isn't it?

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  • Ror 30 Dec 2013 12:49:09 17,355 posts
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    After almost five days without power, I could finally get back to this yesterday. I did a fair bit of exploring and then returned to Hyrule Castle with Tetra in tow. Guessing I'm about 2/3 of the way through now, and I've only actually played it once on the TV :D

    I have a quick question. I saw people posting screens earlier in the thread; I know how to post to Miiverse, but how do you get them off of the system/Miiverse?
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 30 Dec 2013 13:19:16 31,893 posts
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    Not sure if it's how they did it, but if you open on the Wii U browser mid-game, you can post images to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. I assume you can just share the image URLs for those.

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  • Ror 30 Dec 2013 14:30:25 17,355 posts
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    @DFawkes Thanks, I'll give that a try :)



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  • Ror 1 Jan 2014 13:20:58 17,355 posts
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    Ok, another question: do I need to do something specific to get the fast sail? I've been into the auction house eight times (over two different days) and all eight times the item up for auction is a fecking joy pendant.
  • NOSAVIOUR 1 Jan 2014 13:46:59 2,849 posts
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    Have a feeling it's for sail at night.
  • Decap 1 Jan 2014 14:45:42 132 posts
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    This is my first Zelda, so bare with me. But what's with the max 500 rupee limit? After just a few hours my money is constantly at the 500 limit since I have nothing to spend it on except baits?

    And the treasures that I find is most of the time wasted because of this. Just seems pretty stupid to limit the amount of money you can get when theres clearly not enough stuff to spend it on either.
    It's nice not to have to grind for money, but atm there is no satisfaction or need to collect treasures/rupees. :|
  • jambii267 1 Jan 2014 14:50:09 1,415 posts
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    You can find Wallet upgrades, that will increase your Wallet Cap.

    I agree it's annoying but you never really need that much money for anything. They did away with the low wallet capacity in later entries.
  • Ror 1 Jan 2014 15:00:30 17,355 posts
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    @NOSAVIOUR AFAIK the auction house is only open at night, so that's when I've been going there. I'm starting to think I'll have to buy the bloody pendant just to take it out of circulation!
  • dazcox5181 1 Jan 2014 18:20:08 620 posts
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    While I know the answer, is this worth a punt at 40 from game (will prob get digitally/eshop - cheaper from them)?

    Picked up Mario 3D world over xmas, and as the PS4 I hoped santa(my wife) might have got didn't show have started enjoying my Wii U again.
  • AceGrace 1 Jan 2014 18:53:46 3,190 posts
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    I picked it up for 25 in Cex. it was still sealed.
  • Gregolution 2 Jan 2014 10:12:18 8,915 posts
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    Decap wrote:
    This is my first Zelda, so bare with me.
    Did you get brought up by monkeys in a rain forest?! I am sad for you
  • Ror 2 Jan 2014 12:56:21 17,355 posts
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    Well, that's twelve times out of twelve that the joy pendant has shown up in the auction. I've read that you can just keep going out and back in and the sail will appear as it's a random pick from a handful of items, but it's been the same damn pendant for me every time :(

    I think I'll just have to buy the fecking thing and see what happens after that.
  • Singularity 2 Jan 2014 21:39:18 2,736 posts
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    Just started playing. It's so beautiful.
  • Ror 3 Jan 2014 17:32:26 17,355 posts
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    Hooray, fast sail! It only took me fifteen or sixteen attempts...
  • Slurmseh 4 Jan 2014 07:29:40 2,539 posts
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    Playing this for the first time. Enjoying it so far.

    One problem I'm having is there seems to be some slowdown in the game when there's a lot of things on the screen. Surely Nintendo could've fixed that while they were remastering it?
  • Ror 4 Jan 2014 13:42:30 17,355 posts
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    I think I'm at the end of this now - Ganon's Tower? I've loved the game, but I'm happy for it to be coming to an end as the last couple of hours have just felt like padding. I understand the Triforce hunt has been pared back a bit, but I feel like it could be halved again, really. It's not that it's massively time-consuming, it's just not much fun - sail to island, climb it, fall in a hole, clear four rooms of enemies, get chart, repeat... And that 'savage labyrinth' on Outset Island just bordered on taking the piss.. It felt like busy work.

    Having said that, I am going to clear up a couple of sidequests (might even give the Korok one a bash) before finishing up.

    I don't think it's going to replace Ocarina as my favourite, as the pacing doesn't feel quite as tight to me. It's certainly an excellent game though, I'd give it a solid 9/10 if I was rating it.
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