PES5 2011-2012 update for PS2/Xbox/PC

  • Malignant 1 Feb 2013 12:46:54 89 posts
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    I posted this online last year but stupidly I forgot to post about it on this forum (as I know there are a few PES5 fans on here somewhere). :D

    This time last year Dazzla created a 2011-2012 PC update for PES5. The update included kits that were made in Photoshop, and thus were impossible to use on consoles.

    I enjoyed the update so much that I decided to port it over (with Dazzla's permission) to both the PS2 and Xbox, which meant I had to edit every kit in the game using the in-game kit editor. :eek:

    After many months and 808 kits later I finished it in December. So if you're interested you can read more about it or just download the files below.

    If you use it then please let me know in this forum thread. Any response (positive or negative) will be greatly received. Thanks for your time. :)

    Option Files
    - Xbox - 605k
    - PS2 X-port - 795k
    - PS2 Max - 860k
    - PC - 1Mb

    - Image 1
    - Image 2
  • Lt_Drebin 1 Feb 2013 13:03:14 275 posts
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    Wow, points for effort! I may well dig the old Xbox out and give this a go. Pes 5 is still my favourite in the series :-)
  • Malignant 15 Feb 2013 09:45:38 89 posts
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    Lt_Drebin wrote:
    Pes 5 is still my favourite in the series :-)
    My favourites are PES5 and PES3. Although PES 2013 on the Wii is a very close third.
  • spindle9988 15 Feb 2013 10:12:42 4,702 posts
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    For some reason my fave was 4
  • coderkind 31 Jul 2013 14:20:49 986 posts
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    Wow. This has me very excited, but before I try and root my old Xbox and PES5 out of the attic, can you tell me if via a component lead (which I have) if PES5 on Xbox offered widescreen? I've a feeling it didn't.
  • Feanor 31 Jul 2013 14:32:26 14,272 posts
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    I will give the PC version a try. Thanks to Malignant, and to coderkind for the bump cause I missed this originally.

    PES 5 is still my favourite thanks to the amazing goals you could score with a lot of effort and some luck. These were the best goals I managed with my Manchester united ML team.
  • coderkind 31 Jul 2013 15:45:52 986 posts
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    Good goals Feanor :)

    Did a little research and found out PES5 doesn't offer widescreen on Xbox, only 720p. Apparently it might work on the Xbox 360, so might not have to dig out the original console to try (although I'm not sure about copying option files onto a 360).
  • Stockings 1 Aug 2013 00:41:32 1,149 posts
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    Graet effort.
    Someone on evoweb is also doing Italia 94/95 from scratch for PES3!
    Two of my fave games updated, v nice ;0
  • jamesi 1 Aug 2013 03:52:21 279 posts
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    @Feanor saving your best goals for against celtic i see? :(
  • Feanor 1 Aug 2013 16:58:19 14,272 posts
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    Nah, there just weren't that many teams in a PES 5 ML division. Only 16, I think.
  • Feanor 3 Aug 2013 20:40:40 14,272 posts
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    I just played a game as Spurs vs. Stoke and scored a nicely realistic goal where Bale smashed it off the crossbar from the left side of the penalty box and Defoe half volleyed home the rebound. Then the game crashed before I could save the replay. I never could figure out why it started doing that on my PC.
  • whatthefu 3 Aug 2013 22:41:23 1,067 posts
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    How do you put this on your xbox?
    Is it some mad flash drive I read about, or can you use a DVD-rw to copy it to the xbox hard drive?
  • Nades 3 Aug 2013 23:02:04 2,906 posts
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    My favourite was 3,4 and 5. Also great work on this!
  • Deleted user 9 August 2013 05:47:25
    5 and 6 for me! Although I was untouchable at 4.

    Crikey, the glory days of PES - I had zero interest in football, I just played it for being one of the best videogames going!

    Kudos to the work going into this!
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