Best streaming TV/Film services in the UK

  • MysteryLamb 1 Feb 2013 17:30:40 544 posts
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    I've been considering signing up to one of these newfangled internet TV services like Netflix or Love Film recently and can't decide which one to go for. Is there a generally held opinion of which is best?

    I know I can do a month's trial in some cases but there are quite a few out there (nowTV and some others I see being advertised a lot) so opinions/experiences would be appreciated.

    I suppose I'm most interested in how good/stable/smooth the service is, the size and variety of content they have, how rapidly it gets updated, and how easy it might be to leave.

    Thanks in advance.
  • chopsen 1 Feb 2013 17:43:42 19,993 posts
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    Netflix is great in terms of picture/sound quality and performs well on my shonky net conneciton. There is a wide range of choice, particularly if you're in to American TV series from the last 10 years or so. More recent films, meh.

    LoveFilm from my experience is none of those things.

    Blinkbox is good for recently released stuff, and is PAYG. Performs less well over shonky connections.
  • Beetroot_Bertie 1 Feb 2013 18:07:42 400 posts
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    I've tried both and am currently using Lovefilm.
    It has some newer-ish films such as Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy, Johah Hex, Inception and Despicable Me for example and I have really enjoyed watching 'Sons of Anarchy' for the first time.

    I found both services to be pretty stable on my 3.5 Mbps connection but like Chopsen has mentioned, the picture on Lovefilm isn't as good, certainly on some shows which are terrible in places. I tried checking out the 90's X-Men cartoon and it's very compressed with lots of blocking/compression distortion etc. Other shows have looked fine so it's hard to say.

    There's a fair amount of content on both services but I guess it depends on what you like. If you're in to Anime, Lovefilm is arse. A big fat empty one. Netflix has much more in that area and probably has more stuff overall.

    Netflix was really easy to cancel. I think it was just a case of logging in and clicking a couple of things (can't honestly remember, but had no probs. I just get the odd invitation back via email every now and again).

    If you decide to try lovefilm, sign up via this offer page. If you continue using it as a paying customer (even for one month after trial) they'll send you a code for a 15 amazon voucher, so you're still a tenner up :D.

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  • MysteryLamb 5 Feb 2013 21:25:52 544 posts
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    I took the plunge and went for the netflix trial and I'm pretty chuffed.

    Breaking Bad! It's always Sunny in Philadelphia! American version of the Office! Seasons 4 & 5 of Damages! Plus I've already watched a few US comedy shows I hadn't heard of that were pretty good and some films too. The first episode of the new House of Cards was great.

    Picture quality is good, it's fast to use and although I don't like the layout much it is pretty easy to navigate.

    Overall, winner.
  • FWB 5 Feb 2013 21:27:42 54,415 posts
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    Blinkbox for new stuff. And pay as use.
  • Deleted user 5 February 2013 21:59:09
    Netflix (w/US catalogue workaround.)

    What's the best streaming device though? Best options seem to be Roku & WDTV Live but the market is so fragmented:
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