Backup 360 USB Stick

  • BartonFink 10 Feb 2013 22:53:24 35,267 posts
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    I am sure someone has already answered this one somewhere but I am fecked if I can find a thread anywhere.

    Does anybody know how to or have a link to a description of how to backup a 360 USB Stick.

    I have all my saves and profile on it after moving loads of stuff off a HDD today.
  • NewbieZilla 10 Feb 2013 23:30:33 243 posts
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    Just plug in the USB stick, go to where the hard drive shows up. The memory stick will show up. Select it, and just move the stuff you need to move. You already did it to move stuff on to the USB. You just do that the other way.
  • BartonFink 11 Feb 2013 00:38:20 35,267 posts
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    I mean back it up on a PC/Mac

    When the drive mounts on either my Mac or PC it just shows up as being blank because of the formatting applied by the 360 when you configure it.

    If it can't be done it can't be done.
  • mal 11 Feb 2013 00:45:55 29,326 posts
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    Pretty sure you could back it up on linux just by coping the entire partition over, assuming it's got a valid partition table and not something weird. Just 'dd -if /dev/sdc1 -of ~/360backup.dd' or something, depending on where you plug it in. Think you'd need some special partition cloning software on Windows though, but I suspect that'll be your best approach - don't try to mount the partition, just rip it and save it somewhere.

    Edit: Really ought to be able to pull the same trick on Mac, on the command line at least, assuming it's got dd or something like it.

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  • jambii267 11 Feb 2013 07:56:54 1,415 posts
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    Download an app called Horizon.
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