playing m4v files from dvd, and region 1 movie dvds on pal 360?

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    I am trying to find out about 360 movie compatibility, so here are some questions if anyone can help :)

    1 - Is it possible to play m4v files on a pal 360 (M4V=h264 mp4 avc, mp4a audio)? The system is new but not connected to the net, no updates possible. Can the system play video files out of the box, or does it need an update? Microsofts own website states (Q2) users having trouble. I cannot try the system out myself at the moment, so am asking here. Is there a fix for m4v now, or do I have to use one of the solutions stated (eg renaming the .m4v extensions to .avi, or similar)?

    2 - Can I play video files that are supported straight from a dvd, or only via usb and net? If i can play via dvd, can I put them inside created folders, amongst other non-video files, or will the 360 get confused?

    3 - Can a pal 360 play any region of dvd movie, or is it locked? I assume its locked to prevent region 1 game usage, so I may have to just stick with a pal dvd player (since most pal dvd players play anything nowadays).

    4 - Can a pal 360 play an ntsc dvd that has no official set region at all ('region 0')?

    Thanks :)

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    I might try some conversion (making a dvd with photos video etc for family-wasnt sure if it would work, the software burns to ntsc or pal, but as far as I can tell it creates a regionless disc). The only thing I question now is if DVD+R discs will work, as that is all I have at the moment. DVD-Rs seem to be the most compatible for standard players (non-console) but I will give them a go anyway-thanks
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