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  • Feanor 22 Feb 2013 20:24:49 14,273 posts
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    Waiting for the first price drop or the first redesign is a good way to go.
  • FogHeart 22 Feb 2013 21:44:23 1,249 posts
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    I have a brilliant solution to BC!

    1) Unplug the power cable from the PS4

    2) Unplug the HDMI cable from the PS4.

    3) Plug the power cable into the PS3.

    4) Plug the HDMI cable into the PS3.

    5) Switch on the PS3.

    Christ, the PS3 isn't a huge box that's hard to store and take out of some out-of-the-way cupboard. Why are people saying "I'll pay $150 for BC", they're basically saying "I'll pay 150 for not taking something in and out of a cupboard when the urge to play an old PS3 game takes me."

    If I peek under my couch there's my PS2. That's my 'PS3 BC' sorted. This time around with the same power and video cable and no controller cables at all it's as easy as it can be to put the PS3 back in for a bit.

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  • NotSoSlim 22 Feb 2013 21:49:47 3,179 posts
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    Not fussed about BC as PS3 is a high def console. Unlike PS2 to PS3 now graphic loss on all tvs.
  • L0cky 22 Feb 2013 21:54:39 2,010 posts
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    ecureuil wrote:
    I don't remember people getting upset that their N64 couldn't play SNES games. This is one gaming issue that I just do not get at all.
    The change from the SNES to the N64 was a lot different to now. The new consoles literally enabled new chapters in game design; as the technology was still maturing. The N64 really did make SNES games seem obsolete. Who wanted to play a low res 2d scroller when there were these new 3d worlds to play in?

    Since then I think for the most part a lot of games have been chasing technical achievement to their detriment, and game design itself has suffered. Ironically I think Nintendo did the best to hold onto their game designs as the technology took over.

    Now though the change is more incremental. It's clearer that technology advances aren't really assisting game design that much anymore. Things can be a bit more immersive, and that's about it.

    That has played a large part in a return to pure gameplay mechanics, and those aren't made obsolete by a new console.

    My favourite games on the Xbox have been Super Meat Boy, Spelunky and Fez. How would the next Xbox make any of those redundant? Or how would the PS4 make Journey or the recent Ni No Kuni redundant. Will they make Wipeout HD HD? Will you have to buy Pixeljunk Monsters again?

    I would like to continue playing them, and games I may buy on any new console without having to hoard 50 different boxes under my tv.

    I was interested in a PS4 as I think I've missed a lot of interesting games from not having a PlayStation; and their purchase of Gaikai is an obvious compromise to have some sort of BC; especially for downloaded titles.

    If the next Xbox doesn't have BC for XBLA (which I would find surprising), then I may as well stick with PC, where pretty much everything from the past 15 years still works.
  • richardiox 22 Feb 2013 23:05:29 7,051 posts
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    The PC as a gaming format is pretty fucking awesome in terms of BC. Services like GoG really help too. Not to mention the huge emulation prospects
  • PazJohnMitch 23 Feb 2013 00:06:17 13,470 posts
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    My issue of no BC is that old consoles die. My PS2 died shortly after I upgraded to this gen and I have a few games for it I still want to play. (My PS3 is not BC).

    I am not bothered about using the disc I own in a new console. I am quite happy to buy the game again digitally. I just want a means to play old classics as well as current / future games.

    The Gaikai thing sounds like a reasonable work around to me.
  • Psychotext 23 Feb 2013 00:29:22 62,996 posts
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    Not just that, but I can pretty much guarantee that they'll turn off the "old" PSN at some point.
  • sanctusmortis 23 Feb 2013 00:56:28 9,914 posts
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    @Psychotext judging by how Sony have handled switching games off, I expect it'll be off pretty sharpish. Forget the "10 year lifespan", they never meant PSN, and it'll be the first to die.
  • Aretak 23 Feb 2013 01:42:09 10,391 posts
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    sanctusmortis wrote:
    @Psychotext judging by how Sony have handled switching games off, I expect it'll be off pretty sharpish.
    I don't see that happening. The PS3 (and 360) will be getting new games for a good few years yet, and they won't turn it off while that's still happening, even if it's mostly just shovelware and the annual FIFA update.
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