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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    sunjumper, I thought it was just that the size of the bonus bears no relation to how hard you work. If there's more to the conclusion I haven't seen it, linky?

    You also need to consider;

    - the relationship between how hard you work and how well you perform (vs. for instance how clever you are, or how experienced).

    - whether it is fair for the bank to look at the balance of the flexible reward between the bank and the employee and say 100% for me, 0% for you.

    - whether it is better for the economy for the bank to take the profit and pay 28% tax or the employee to take the profit and pay 50% tax.

    It is certainly interesting to see the relationship between reward and motivation, but it would be very dangerous to act unilaterally based on that single factor alone.

    It took me ages to find this link. . .

    This paper shows an experiment where people have to complete several tasks, motivated by different methods of incentive pay used.
    The larger the sums involved the worse their performance.

    You have to admit that at least I do admit that there are several factors at play and that solutions aren't always super simple.

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