Flipnote Studio 3DS!

  • JinTypeNoir 13 Mar 2013 01:55:51 4,392 posts
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    There's a Little Nintendo Direct on the e-shop today that details the new Flipnote Studio 3D. You can watch the youtube version here.

    -will be released this summer, at least in Japan

    -change the level of 3D for each plane you draw by adjusting a slider to easily create 3D images, there are 3 basic planes and you can change the depth of each plane to reflect the amount of distance you can see into the 3d

    -use six colors at once compared to the original's 2

    -can export the files to the SD card and to a computer in avi or gif format (gifs coming in animating gif and sequential gif forms) and post them to the sites for other view

    -the program is free, as is a kind of special software to share between people on friend's list that resembles the one they have for free now, where you can comment on and reply to works and download between friends

    -however, the special site/program that Nintendo has organized to feature posting of the material made all over the world is called World Gallery and is not free, they say in order to cover server fees, they will charge a small amount each month

    -however again, to encourage people to post great stuff, those who post material to the site that is highly regarded by Nintendo or highly rated by users will get to use for the site for free and the first 30 days of World Memo will be free, as well there will be special times in a day where you can still use for it for free

    -given the launch of the new service, the old service for flipnote studio, at least in Japan will end on May 31st

    -you can see a 3D video of some Nintendo-produced stuff to give you an idea of what's possible on the 3DS e-shop

    -more details coming about features and changes in the near future

  • treegreen 13 Mar 2013 04:40:41 109 posts
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    Looks very cool. The 3ds really is building up a unique little library.
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