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    Ancient Kemet

    The scenery of Ancient Kemet

    Embark on a journey in mystical world of the Nile, the desert, ancient gods and fight your way through towards a life in eternity. It is the beginning of a fascinating civilisation. It is the time when its foundations are being set and you have the opportunity to choose your role in new world.

    Whether you are happy with a peaceful life of a farmer or a merchant or you crave more power, be it political or military as the good or bad guy, Ancient Kemet welcomes you to help build up a world – world with its own mysteries, beauty, stories.

    Discover Ancient Kemet, meet other fellow players, discover old secrets, follow enthralling quests, set on journeys full of adventure, improve your skill in ancient crafts, trade, build your business. Work on your game character, your reputation with cities and gods, acquire your own house and a lot more.

    Player vs player world of online game Ancient Kemet is based on mastery of skill and character. Even with a lower level, if you have the prowess, you have the chance to defeat a player with higher level. Special PVP quest lines, intricate networks of favours with gods and cities. Defend your city and raid others.


    Sneak peek - Ur'Bak the guardian of Seth's temple

    Thousands rumors were said about the ancient god battle between Horus and Seth,
    we all know that once Seth was defeated nobody have seen him since then,
    but recent discoveries in the Red land may lead to worries.

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    Post deleted
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    Why are some of the OPs images hosted on imageshack? If you can't fit all your pictures on your own server, how can you expect to run an MMO?

    Just a thought, I'm sure there's a good reason.
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    Only ancient Kermit?

    What if I want to play ad Rolf or Beaker?
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    I should really ban this guy, but I'm too amused at the fact he's been owned by spellcheck/auto-correct.
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    The combination of the epic song in the trailer and the chibi players is making this somewhat amuzing :D

    I hope the developers behind this are from Egypt - in order to promote somehow the culture and nature :)
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