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  • Nanocrystal 9 Jan 2018 01:54:11 1,701 posts
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    @spamdangled No, there is the odd key line of dialogue that's voiced but most of it is a read-a-thon. I'm glad, I much prefer that in these kinds of games because I can read much quicker than people speak. I turned the voices off in Divinity Original Sin for that reason (as well as the terrible voice acting).
  • Stranded87 9 Jan 2018 08:58:33 1,801 posts
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    ubergine wrote:
    I just remember that I played it for ages and did not have one fight. Had no idea if the combat system was any good or the game fun. Whereas Witcher 3 I've murdered thousands of men displaced by war and made many shekels selling their wooden clubs and bits of goat hide.
    Yeah I played for about 30 hours (still need to finish it) and I think only had one fight. I think the lack of combat, unless you want to fight, is one of the best things about it and the one area where it really beats Planescape.
  • Bichii 9 Jan 2018 18:20:14 592 posts
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    Yeah so this is literally a choose your adventure novel and not a game.
  • LittleSparra 13 Jan 2018 13:38:53 7,926 posts
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    Except where you play a game.

    I am really enjoying it, nice sense of weird and the systems are flexible and thought provoking.
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