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  • Bambot 29 Sep 2017 13:16:20 1,181 posts
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    I got as far as:

    the 'ending' where the kid joined the team and it did really look like the end of the game. Except I knew this was probably where it all went a bit 'it wasn't even snake in the first place, now play it all again as snake except now it's ten times harder!' and couldn't be bothered.

    Was I right to pretend that was in fact the actual ending and move on?

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  • richardiox 30 Oct 2017 15:08:59 7,114 posts
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    As well as being currently free on Plus there's a PS4 Pro patch coming tomorrow, hoping we get a 1X patch too. Should look lovely (towards) 4K.
  • Angry_Man_Dan 31 Oct 2017 07:45:32 682 posts
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    Pro patch is live, around 330mb. Had a quick look before leaving for work - it certainly looks cleaner, not sure how much of a res bump it has had. Anything is a bonus, it was always a stunning looking game anyway!
  • foster2007 31 Oct 2017 16:15:46 326 posts
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    PS4 Pro Patch out today for this.

    1440p resolution and bug fixes.
  • delwie 14 Nov 2017 21:47:51 1 posts
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    I plan not to partake in any FOB missions etc. Having said this should I still upgrade the FOB base, any benefits I can gain anywhere from FOB without going on missions? I heard if I can keep my security non existent, and low grade guards eg E level I won't get attacked.

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  • greg_wha 15 Nov 2017 12:46:15 1,108 posts
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    Hmmmmmmm. Tough question.
    Considering all you need to enjoy the game is a tranq fun and sniper rifle Iím gonna guess no.
    All the fuss ALMOST broke the game for me.
  • LionheartDJH 8 Jan 2018 21:16:25 20,008 posts
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    @delwie late reply but I've clocked about 60 hours and not paid any attention to the FOB or security team (dumping ground for guys not good enough for my combat unit). Never once been attacked and still got all the online rewards available from the single player.

    Having said that, I don't have PS Plus so can't play online multiplayer, not sure if that makes any difference.

    You can always disconnect from online if you want though through the pause menu.
  • LionheartDJH 8 Jan 2018 21:45:32 20,008 posts
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    So finally after owning this game for about 2 years, I completed mission 46 last night, not sure I can be bothered unlocking 45 given D Dog was literally my dawg the whole game, never a fan of Quiet so my bond with her is very low. Probably mop up the last few missions and do a few side ops when the mood takes me in the future.

    My opinion seems to match the general consensus of great gameplay, disappointing story. I feel conflicted by the ending, on the one hand I'm really disappointed that you weren't playing as the real Big Boss the whole time. On the other hand in a way I kinda like the doppelganger idea, though not sure about the fourth wall breaking stuff, but it wouldn't be MGS without Kojima doing something like that.

    They could have done so much better though, the story feels like an after thought and too disconnected, appreciate Kojima responding to criticism of MGS4's ridiculously long cut scenes, but there's a middle ground that he shot way past on this.

    Miller was alright if one dimensional, but Ocelot seems like a totally different character, like he's had a lobotomy or something. No background on how him and Big Boss became friends after trying to kill each other several times in MGS3.

    Didn't care for Quiet, Code Talker, Huey or anyone else really. It seems strange them keeping Eli around so long given he's such a trouble maker.

    Only a handful of missions relate to the main story, making the revenge against Skull Face (who is very underused despite having a lot of potential as a villain) a bit muted as there's little investment from the player.

    Chapter 2's trailer makes it look amazing but the only real high point was mission 43. That was really outstanding and packed a hard emotional punch and I thought it was finally the beginning of seeing Big Boss' downfall into villainy, especially after the cut scene of him walking down the hallway (despite the fact he didn't have much choice and Huey's input was contradictory given it was his fault).

    But unfortunately that never really happens, and that's my biggest disappointment with the story. Big Boss (or Venom Snake, whatever) hardly says anything (Keifer cost too much?), or reacts to anything, it's like he doesn't want to be in his own game. His actions are actually commendable, saving the kids, sparing Huey etc., maybe Kojima just couldn't stomach making the player have to do anything too evil or controversial. The most villainous he gets is simply being a mercenary.

    Ultimately, it doesn't feel complete (and given the development was cut short that's probably the case), although I have been thinking about the ending since I finished it, so maybe that is a good sign.
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