HatchetJob podcast #102 - Sleeping Dogs, Ni no Kuni & Rumble in the Dungeon

  • 1Dgaf 2 Apr 2013 18:05:20 5,028 posts
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    So the 102nd HatchetJob.com gaming podcast is online.

    Here's an Mp3. Skip to 9m15s for Sleeping Dogs.


    Here's a video. It's just SD, since I don't have footage for NnK or RitD.

  • oldschoolsoviet 3 Apr 2013 16:04:40 6,466 posts
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    All that chatter about Sleeping Daaawgs, atmosphere and culture and suchlike, without the slightest mention of the daddy ?

    KIRYU !

    Yakuza might not be open world, but it certainly fits the bill. Cunny/Kuni was funny, as is the final tune. You seriously listen to that ? I'm definitely older than my years imply.....

    /awaits HJ stating he's never indulged in Yakuza :(
  • 1Dgaf 4 Apr 2013 01:07:03 5,028 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Personally - since HJ is the name of the show, more than it is me - I was thinking about the Japanese games in that discussion, but you're right I haven't played Yazuka.

    When we record again in 18 months, I'll try to remember to mention your point Osso.

    And yep, I listened to that without irony. It's OK though, I've got CLanned playing on Last Fm.

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