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  • SClaw 4 Apr 2013 16:05:15 826 posts
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    Due to morons Ė titanic morons Ė in the near future I will not be allowed to host PDFs on my companyís FTP. DonítÖ donít even start me on it*.

    Anyway. This leaves me with about a gig of PDFs sitting around homeless, inaccessible to our customers who like to have information Ė many of whom have serious bandwidth limitations due to their location, so we canít even email things to them as and when; no choice but to link or they wonít see a thing usually.

    So my question is... anyone know of a non-dodgy document dumping site which I can just use for download links, without people having to log in to download anything?

    *Politics. I am not allowed to touch the servers, at all, because Iím not located in the head office building. Iíve had a loophole until now, but they are closing it and giving me a file size limit of 50kb. Thanks, you fuckers, thatíll be real helpful next time I need to share a text file.
  • Deleted user 4 April 2013 17:34:02
    Dropbox. Google Drive. Skydrive. Any of the above.
  • mrpon 4 Apr 2013 17:46:34 34,288 posts
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    Yup, Dropbox is great. Use it on all my devices.

    Click my referral link for an additional 500mb of space on top of the default 2GB space.

    Or don't, to not receive an additional 500mb space :)
  • neilka 4 Apr 2013 17:59:46 21,199 posts
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    Is this ITV's new Martin Clunes series?
  • SClaw 5 Apr 2013 08:36:04 826 posts
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    No. But that would be great.

    So dropbox, etc, don't require people to sign in to download then (I see you can share links, but it's not clear what the recipient sees)?

    I'm a bit spoiled (always had an FTP before, so never needed one of these) so I've never used cloud storage. I'm old fashioned like that.
  • mrpon 5 Apr 2013 08:41:12 34,288 posts
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    No they don't need to sign in nor do they need an account. You simply click on a file or folder to share and Dropbox creates a unique URL that only gives the user access to what you've selected.

    Further on from that, if they do have a Dropbox account they you can create what are called shared folders. You give certain users access to this shared folder and anything you drop in it is automatically synced across all shared users.
  • SClaw 5 Apr 2013 08:55:37 826 posts
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    Well that sounds perfect.

    Thanks for the help then. I'll give dropbox a try (from your ref link too, thank you)!
  • mrpon 5 Apr 2013 09:03:37 34,288 posts
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    Cheers! Don't forget they have apps on all platforms as well, good for things like automatic photo uploads from your smartphone etc..
  • Randomlampy 5 Apr 2013 09:42:30 580 posts
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    I've been using dropbox for exactly the reasons you have in your OP SClaw and it works great. Its easy to mail customers links to docs from my phone too if I'm out of the office.
  • nickthegun 5 Apr 2013 10:09:52 73,291 posts
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    I dont know why they stopped you using FTP, but if it was for security reasons, i would check with your highers ups before you start flinging documents out on the internet.
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