New iOS Super hero game (kickstarted)

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  • runawaystudios 18 Apr 2013 22:28:06 1 posts
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    Hello everyone,
    Please check out our kickstarter page for our upcoming title 'Heroes, Inc.'
    Visit: Our Kickstarter
    Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank!
    Stay tuned for Heroes, Inc.

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  • spamdangled 18 Apr 2013 22:47:33 31,334 posts
    Seen 29 minutes ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    A couple of brief points: Your kickstarter is full of typos and bad grammar. It doesn't look very professional, from the pov of a potential backer.

    Secondly, endless runners are ten a penny on iOS, why should I back this when there are many others already available for no cost?

    Your villain design is borderline trademark infringement, being a pretty obvious copy of Dr Doom.

    The backgrounds simply don't go well with the characters. The backgrounds in particular look like a pastiche of various photos that have simply been photoshopped together. It looks, to be blunt, very, very amateur.

    What is your experience? There are bold claims of working on Astonishing X-Men for Marvel. Seeing as that is a flagship title of Marvel's, and one that I own the entire run of, I can tell you right now he NEVER worked on that. I'm assuming it's perhaps some sort of reprint anthology of the ACTUAL American Comics. Googling him certainly comes up with nothing linking him to Marvel. What games development experience does the team have?

    I'm not trying to put you guys down or anything like that, but you asked for feedback so there's my initial thoughts. I wish you well, but I won't be backing it.

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