Wargame: Air Land Battle

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  • Rusty_M 27 Apr 2013 21:48:48 6,815 posts
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    So a sequel to Wargame European Escalation is coming out, and the Beta is already available. Has anyone tried it? Thoughts?

    Steam store page.
  • *Oxymoron* 9 May 2013 00:49:30 11 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    I'v been playing it fairly heavily since the beta release, and I'm happy to report it's pretty awesome. Planes are done really well, and the game generally feels like an overall improvement from EE.

    If you're a fan of EE I would thoroughly recommend ALB, you even get 25% off if you own the first game!
  • bad09 9 May 2013 08:45:50 8,225 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Never played the first but this looks quite good.

  • Deleted user 9 May 2013 09:21:18
    I love Eugen Systems. Buying now.
  • Deleted user 9 May 2013 10:09:06
    Just 22 on Steam today with beta access. Loved the original. Looking forward to playing this new version.
  • Deleted user 9 May 2013 10:20:56
    Wargame: EE was quite hard - or at least, I didn't get to grips easily. Hopefully if I play this from the start I can work it out a bit better!
  • Deleted user 9 May 2013 10:21:46
    Yes I hope they've made it a bit more user friendly. The original did feel like you were joining something half way through.
  • Deleted user 9 May 2013 12:24:57

    British vs East Germany

    I advance. I lose. Against Easy. Oops.

    Annoyingly, one of the skirmish maps is from EE. I wonder if they have drawn all maps over and made new ones? Eugen are typically low budget, but they do make proper good, solid games. I just need to work out how to do it properly ;(
  • Deleted user 10 May 2013 22:21:12
    I absolutely suck at this: more so than EE, somehow.

    Anyone want to play vs AI with me to help?
  • phAge 10 May 2013 22:59:31 25,487 posts
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    This looks cool, but also very confusing. Somebody care to do a short writeup/linky for someone who has no clue?
  • *Oxymoron* 11 May 2013 01:44:05 11 posts
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    Basically ALB has fairly premise, which gets complicated quickly due to the amount of stuff they have in the game and the many different tactics which can be used. I'll break it down into bullet points to make it as easy as possible.

    - Game is based in the Cold War period.

    - Multiplayer is the focus - up to 10 v 10 battles over large maps.

    - More of a realism focus than other RTS games; units have stats for armor, ammunition, fuel, speed, their ability to spot other units etc.

    - Fight for either the Warsaw Pact or NATO and build an army (known as a deck in ALB) with 700 different units to choose from. You need to earn stars though single player campaigns or multiplayer games to unlock units for your deck.

    - No base building, only reinforcements are called onto the map.

    - Place command vehicles in sectors to earn the benefits of that sector; income of points to order in reinforcements, new reinforcement paths.

    - There is no fog of war, units shoot each other based on line of sight (but can also be ordered to blind fire on a spot).

    - Cover is very important to hide your units and boost their defense rating.

    There is a lot more to each point here, but it should give you an idea of what ALB is all about.

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  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 12:37:18

    Want. Just what EE needed, for me.
  • shamblemonkee 28 May 2013 13:07:03 17,897 posts
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    looking glorious
  • Deleted user 29 May 2013 19:01:55
    Out now, am downloading a 1.9GB 'update'.

    Will report on the campaign! Exactly what I wanted - something to give the tactical battle a bit more meaning (as I still suck at it!)
  • Deleted user 6 June 2013 14:27:32
    So the campaign is not sandbox. Boo!

    It's four different campaigns, all set in Scandinavia.

    The first one is merely 3 turns long, and is very easy.

    The others are larger, and much trickier. I've yet to delve in yet - and yet to see if the longer campaigns are satisfying. I think they will be, given how exhausting actual tactical battles can be.

    Damn missile jeeps.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 17 Jul 2013 00:15:38 31,279 posts
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    Ugh. The tutorials are painfully shit in this.

    Logistics? Nah, you don't need to know how to do that. Who needs ammo on a battlefield anyway?

    Thank you Youtube.
  • Deleted user 17 July 2013 00:42:43
    Yeah, terrible tutorials.

    I've run into the same problem in this as in EE: I love building up my force, taking it out, scouting.

    Then all hell breaks loose and I run away crying.
  • Rusty_M 17 Jul 2013 07:10:28 6,815 posts
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    Yup. The first one had better tutorials, but in either case, the game happily kicks my arse. Good games though.
  • ram 17 Jul 2013 10:19:29 3,599 posts
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    Just got this in the sales and it looks like it will be good. Anyone got a link to a good tutorial video?
  • Deleted user 1 August 2013 23:02:35
    Big free update has added Conquest mode to MP, some other gubbins, and Co-Op to Campaign: anyone want to play that with me?

    I think I need an ally to help/lol at me as I struggle to learn.
  • Deleted user 12 October 2013 13:24:45
    Co-op anyone? I am getting back into this: now I have learned the kind of force composition that generally works against the AI, how to use it etc, I'd like to play co-op - it'd be really good, I reckon.
  • Deleted user 12 October 2013 13:30:09
    I would be up for some co-op but I haven't even played it yet. Got it in the bundle but have been flat out on blood bowl.
  • Tabasco 12 Oct 2013 14:12:41 5,861 posts
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    TVoj, that was European Escalation that was in the Humble bundle, not AirLand which is the newer game in the series, sorry :(
  • Deleted user 12 October 2013 15:18:58
    Boo! Does European Escalation include some fore of co-op?
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