2013 Year Review so far

  • DUFFMAN5 31 May 2013 20:46:41 22,701 posts
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    I have just posted this in another thread and thought what the hell, letís have a "where are we at(nearly)the midpoint of the year" thread.

    Very poor year for me with personal discipline so far, re goals that I like to set myself, which for your amusement I shall list below ;)
    Feel free to let me/us know how fantastic your year has been so far.

    1) Not trained enough, in fact I think I have done no more than have 10 workouts!
    2) Not practiced any guitar, save for a couple of hours over the same time period as above.
    3) Spent too much money on games, even though I was only suppose to rent this year.
    4) got ever nearer 15stone (5ft:11) and be in the worst shape of my life.
    5) Drunk too much and too often

    Oh well onward and upward I shall return to this post in Dec and see what I have done to change.
  • Deleted user 31 May 2013 20:54:07
    Started an awesome new job, then got an offer for an even better job so starting that after summer. About to move down to England and commute up to Edinburgh which is going to suck. Put on far too much weight despite having a dog I'm walking every day. Haven't done any of the things I intended to do considering I now work part time but hopefully that will change with the move.
  • Ziz0u 31 May 2013 21:21:45 11,006 posts
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    Broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years, but working on it and it's looking good. Moving to Cape Town in August which should be good. Haven't traveled overseas in 2 years, but hope an opportunity will come up before the end of the year. Pretty happy all things considered.
  • twelveways 1 Jun 2013 06:35:16 7,131 posts
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  • THFourteen 1 Jun 2013 13:17:09 47,925 posts
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    Done my expected level of gym workouts, 3 a week, apart from hols and a couple of sick days. But I've been doing that for ten years so no biggie.

    Bought a house and rented out my flat.

    Been a little slack at work with having little project work on, but its picking up now.

    Went to brazil for two weeks for a mates wedding.

    Rest of the year and money will be spent getting the new house in order.

    Pretty decent start I'd say.
  • Deleted user 1 June 2013 13:56:18
    Not great!

    Biggest plus is that i have saved just shy of a grand worth of money. Its just deciding what to do with it, and whatever i save from now on till september. (When my flatmate returns from being on ship)

    Currently deciding on what step to take in my life next whether i just go travelling for a bit or move from cornwall where i'm struggling to find a new job and try my hand in london and spend a few years there ( even if i don't get the job i want there, the enviroment is more conclusive to my photography - galleries, public darkrooms, meeting people etc, and i have a good bunch of uni mates there who do stuff that i like doing, hiking, going out etc)

    I have a alarm clock just ticking of at the moment, and i pretty much decided i need to change something, so i guess thats a positive change in my mindset. With these things, opportunities present themselves and suddenly you find yourself somewhere new and everything exciting again.

    My overall mindset as been poor though. My sister younger of 4 years, managed to find a job within a year of leaving her uni, really really happy for her, at the same time, it KO 'd my confidence and self esteem big time (4 years this month out of uni).

    Photography wise, i had a good month of it in april and done quite a bit of work. Havn't really done much since though. A film i started thinking about filming hasn't gone beyond just brief synopsis and brainstorming. Although i have collected all the ideas i have had on various projects and started doing the same to them.

    Going to see Sigur Ros, and Mogwai in june and july. And going up to london to see uni mates as well.

    I'm more of a social person who does things for other people, i need to start thinking about myself. But i just get disheartened that it feels like nobody thinks about me.

    /sorry to bring the general downer thread to this thread :)

    - Feels as though i lost some weigh (Wasn't big anyway).
    - Need to do ANY sort of excersise
    - Have been drinking less! :)
    - But been social smoking more :(
    - Try and be more positive or see whether i'm just a whinging arse.

    Biggest plus is that i know i need to change something! :) and although i feel down at the moment i do feel as though i am bubbling underneath and ready to 'GO'

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  • spindle9988 1 Jun 2013 14:19:16 4,702 posts
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    Got 4 weddings to go to and as I've been with my missus for 5 years now, she's expecting engagement
  • Nitrous 5 Jul 2013 23:54:04 1,649 posts
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    Decided I could no longer continue trying to make ends meet working 16-20 hours a week in retail. £400 and 1 month later and I'm now in security work and enjoying my job(s)

    New car, 2013 Ford Fiesta 1.0 with the ecoboost engine. Much better than the 1.2 I had before in terms of mpg and power. Still single but that might be changing so overall I'm having a good year so far!
  • Deleted user 5 July 2013 23:56:26
    8/10 so far. S'going good.
  • Tom_Servo 6 Jul 2013 00:03:25 18,079 posts
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    mowgli wrote:
    About to move down to England and commute up to Edinburgh which is going to suck.
    Blimey, what length of commute is that?!

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  • Mr_Sleep 6 Jul 2013 00:17:16 21,634 posts
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    I am still unemployed but I am now a decent chess player, I have learned much more piano technique, my guitar playing has improved and I may have found a new vocation in painting so apart from being utterly skint the most life affirming important things are going pretty well.
  • Khanivor 6 Jul 2013 00:21:45 43,673 posts
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    Well we I had a wee baby girl so things have changed quite a bit round here.

    Not got round to finding an easier job but I don't feel I have the luxury of taking that jump right now.

    Still haven't managed to get rid of the guinea pigs.
  • Kosmoz 6 Jul 2013 07:53:05 8,183 posts
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    Left my shit job for a slightly less shit, but higher paying job. Moved out of my parents house in to a spectacular flat with my friend. Bought the first car that I actually own. I'm still incredibly attractive, if not even more so. What do I win?
  • Deleted user 6 July 2013 09:17:22
    Tom_Servo wrote:
    mowgli wrote:
    About to move down to England and commute up to Edinburgh which is going to suck.
    Blimey, what length of commute is that?!
    3 hours 49 minutes...

    Go up one day, stay two nights in Edinburgh then come back so not too bad.
  • Trafford 6 Jul 2013 12:22:14 8,012 posts
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    Have been living the single life for 6.5 months. After 15 years if monogamy that is a seismic shift.
    Work is hard, have no money to spare, real life friends are scant.
    Spending time with my kids is great. They are turning into mega game geeks, not sure how I feel about that.

    In the last week I've made friends with my neighbour, a Berliner Cougar. There's a big attraction there, just need to play things very cool, for my own sanity.
    She has some very interesting interests!
  • SparkyMarky81 6 Jul 2013 12:57:50 601 posts
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    Pretty happy!

    Work is awesome. At a great company working in an industry I want to be in. Still fit and healthy enough to keep up with the youngsters at footy, and more money than I've had for ages.

    Only downer is that I am possibly days/weeks away from calling time on a 4 year relationship with the gf, but that could well be a good thing really.
  • Deleted user 6 July 2013 17:40:26
    Got married to the girl of my dreams, had a terrific honeymoon. Getting promoted next month.

    My big concentration is on my health, due to stress of wedding I've suffered from some tinnitus, poor sleep, weight and hair loss. Managing to get it sorted but will take a couple more months.

    So far, best year of my life :-)
  • Deleted user 6 July 2013 21:47:51
    7/12 so far as it's July.
  • DrStrangelove 6 Jul 2013 21:51:37 12,315 posts
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    Pretty good so far. Lost 40 pounds, which means my old clothes fit again, and I'm just moving out to a better place which makes me quite happy currently. Planning holidays in the USA visiting a close friend later this year, looks like 2013 will be remembered as a success for me.
  • Sid-Nice 6 Jul 2013 21:53:13 15,848 posts
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    This thread has been marked as duplicate any further posts should be posted in the depression thread.
  • DrStrangelove 6 Jul 2013 23:13:52 12,315 posts
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    Why does anything good have to end up in depression?


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