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  • rasikavintha 17 Jun 2013 18:24:51 1 posts
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    Ok so I bought a wireless Sony ps2 controller today and am now having some problems with it.
    My controller keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. as in, during gameplay the red power led and the green mode led flash and the controller stops working, even after the flashing stops after a few seconds, the analog control seems to move on its own. I don't know how to explain this clearly but il take an example. If I'm playing as a normal third person character and when it flashes the character keeps moving on his own and not in the direction I'm moving the analog stick. Similarly, in a racing game the car keeps steering to one direction even though I'm steering in the next.
    So I just want to know what might be causing this.
    Is it due to interruption of other wireless signals(wi-fi networks)
    Or a battery problem( this is hardly unlikely since I used brand new batteries) (the batteries I used were Duracell AAA batteries. Does it require stronger batteries?)
    Or is it a defect of the product?
    Thanks in advance =)
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